CAL Writer’s Grant

The deadline for this year’s application is April 1 – apply now!

Want to improve, enhance or expand your writing skills in 2018? Would a little extra money give you a much-needed kick in the pants to get away from your desk and expand your horizons? Then apply for the Colorado Authors’ League Grant!

Each year, Colorado Authors’ League offers $1,000 in grants to current members who want to attend a writers’ workshop, conference, seminar, or retreat, or work with a qualified writing coach. We divide the money between a minimum of two and a maximum of five members. CAL Grants must be used as a reimbursement to help offset expenses of writer enrichment opportunities as described above. They are not intended for degree programs.

2016 grant recipients Michele Morris and Judy Rose

Only current CAL members may apply. Applications are due by April 1, 2018 – here’s how to apply:

Answer the following questions on a single page. Do not put your name or address on the page, but do attach a 3×5 card with your name, address, email address and phone number.  Here are the questions:

1. Tell us about the program you will attend or the writing coach with whom you would like to work.  Include name, format, location and length, and also explain how this specific enrichment activity matches your personality, writing style and professional development needs.
2. Tell us how much the program costs (tuition, room and board, transportation, etc.) and how much grant money you hope to receive.
3. Pretend this program took your career to a whole new level, making you a huge success and a media darling.  A reporter asks how the program changed your life, improved your writing or inspired you.  How would you answer?
4. If you receive a grant, how will you share your experience with CAL members: Through a program presentation?  A newsletter article?  Other? Tell us what you are willing to do.

The CAL Board of Directors will review the qualifications of the program or individual for which you are requesting support, and decide grant recipients based on that evaluation and your stated goals and anticipated benefits. Programs will be evaluated on the basis of the stated content and its relevance to the writer’s stated purpose for attending.  Individuals will be evaluated on the basis of their previous work as a writing coach and their established writing, editing and instruction credentials.

Send your application to:
CAL Grant
c/o Denny Dressman
10367 E. Aberdeen Ave.
Englewood, CO 80111