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Alone In A Crowded Room-An Adoption Story
By Constance R. Bierkan

When Lexie Saunders learns she is adopted and is told she is handpicked by Mother from a line-up of baby cribs, her life is forever changed. Instead of feeling special, Lexie becomes haunted by “Mama,” the mystery lady who gave birth to her. The disappearance of Mama leaves a hole in Lexie’s heart, keeping her separate and feeling different from others. She often experiences acute loneliness even in the midst of a crowd of friends or family. Were she to learn the reason for her adoption, perhaps she would feel complete. However, searching for Mama means a possible repudiation plus it might devastate the mother who has raised her. ISBN: 978-1-4897-1292-9 (hc); 978-1-4897-1291-2(sc) / AmazonBarnes & NobleLifeRich Publishing

Turning Points – A Memoir Anthology
Contributions by Constance R. Bierkan

Memoir represents a slice of life in which authors reflect upon intimate issues, family stories, specific events or personal relationships. It is a glimpse of the past, vividly recreated through creative writing. Join a soldier lured by the mellow tones of a clarinet caressing a New York night; savor coq au vin steeped in garlic and blotted from the plate by hunks of a crusty Parisian baguette; or suffer alongside civilians caught in the brutality of World War II. Hopefully, they will inspire you, too, to reflect upon your own rich lives and to write the stories lingering in your hearts. ISBN: 978-1-62137-9140 (hc); 978-1-62137-913-3 9 (sc) / AmazonVirtualBookworm


sissy-bear-at-the-fortSissy Bear at The Fort
By Holly Arnold Kinney
A charming and true story of the author’s pet bear who lived at the famous Colorado landmark,The Fort restaurant from 1963-1982. Original photographs and beautifully illustrated by Christine Wald. Hardback. ISBN: 978-0-692-73761-3 / Order from The Fort website.

FBI-WifeThe FBI Wife
By Sandra Windsor
Sandy, a 1960’s FBI wife, finds herself in territory for which there seems to be no roadmap, yet she knows she is somewhere important, an observer and a participant in an unfolding scene which is impacting her as she moves from assignment to assignment across country under Hoover’s rigid FBI expectations. Caught in this world, juxtaposed against the social explosions of the time, Sandy takes the reader on an emotional journey across country, through assassinations, civil rights marches and national investigations knowing all the while she is giving up more and more of herself. She decides she must reclaim her life; this she decides to do in their final assignment in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Here, her mountains and her rivers sustain and fortify her as she discovers the person she is to become. ISBN #: 978-1-4582-1985-5 / available from,,, and

Breastfeeing-is-a-BitchBreast Feeding is a Bitch, But We Do It Lovingly Anyway
By Cassi Clark

A humorous, commiserative story that tells the truth about the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of breastfeeding. Features the stories of dozens of saints (read: moms) with all of the pain, terror, humanity and even bliss that comes with breastfeeding. ISBN 9781483537597 / Available everywhere including the Tattered Cover.

Awakening-EastAwakening East
By Johanna Garton

Several years after adopting her son and daughter from China, Johanna Garton took them back to live for one year in the land of their birth – leaving the only world she and her family knew for the adventures of a lifetime.  Release date:  October 22, 2015 / ISBN:  9780989373296. The book can be ordered from Amazon, IndieBound or the author’s website.

flying-with-el-condorFlying with El Condor
By Carolyn Evans Campbell

With an obsession to spend a night alone in Machu Picchu and communicate with Los Dios, a spirited young woman pursues adventure in Peru in 1958. What begins with Carolyn’s first teaching job in Lima becomes a ten year commitment working and raising a family in South America during the Cold War years, when Communism was a dangerous threat around the world. Through a series of humorous vignettes, we follow Carolyn’s romances: engagement to a Swede with a motorcycle; then finding Russ, the true love of her life, whom she marries after a three-week courtship and only one date. Russ and Carolyn leave the United States during the Happy Days, a time of innocence and optimism, and return home to a different country in the Seventies. ISBN: 978-1-62137-775-7 (Hardcover) ISBN: 978-1-62137-776-4 (Softcover) Order here.

The Navel DiariesThe Navel Diaries: How I Lost My Belly Button and Found Myself
By Diann Logan

This novel is about the author’s humorous and poignant observations about getting older. The stunning in-ey navel has morphed into a despicable out-ey and that’s just the start. Creaking joints and whiskers, drooping bustline and sagging sense of purpose—it’s all here and then some. In this book she picks her way through the prickly landscape of maturity, determined to maintain high hopes and forward momentum. Available in print or e-book version here.

Between-Urban-and-WildBetween Urban and Wild
By Andrea M. Jones

Between Urban and Wild operates partly on a practical level, partly on a naturalist’s level, honoring the subtleties of the natural world while illuminating the importance of working to safeguard it. Author Andrea Jones reflects on life in two homes in the Colorado Rockies, first in Fourmile Canyon west of Boulder, then near Cap Rock Ridge in central Colorado. Whether negotiating territory with a mountain lion, working to reduce her property’s vulnerability to wildfire, or decoding the distinct personalities of her horses, Jones offers useful and engaging perspectives on the realities of living in a partially wild environment. Order link, ISBN 978-1-60938-187-5

sleeping in treesSleeping In Trees
By Keith Brown
Get ready for a captivating collection of true tales that will transport you straight back to the 1960s and right into the colorful times, bold adventures and hilarious hijinks of a small crew of rambunctious boys navigating the rapidly changing landscape of South Florida. You will discover vivid imaginations, wrestle with infestations, dodge nasty neighbors and endure but a dusting of parental supervision. Was there mayhem? You bet. Available in paperback or as a e-book at ISBN-10: 150078740X / ISBN-13: 978-1500787400

Dances in Two WorldsDances in Two Worlds: A Writer-Artist’s Backstory
By Thordis Simonsen
Dances in Two Worlds is composed of two parallel narratives, one verbal and one visual. Each of the twenty essays begins with a detail from Thordis’ childhood—postcards her grandmother sent, admonitions from her mother, scraps of wood found in her father’s workroom—and spirals forward in time. Vibrant color and decisive strokes define Thordis’ fifty paintings. Early images have a naïve, psychological quality; recent pieces are more lyrical. Radiant and intimate, Dances in Two Worlds is both a testimony to this writer-artist’s irrepressible creative spirit and a catalyst for the reader-viewer’s own bold adventures in life and in art. The Fundamental Note, 2011 / ISBN 0-9629766-7-4 / click here to order.

Dancing GirlDancing Girl: Themes and Improvisations in a Greek Village Setting
Thordis Simonsen
Since 1981, Thordis Simonsen has sojourned annually in the Greek village, Elika, where she has restored a roofless house stone by stone by hand. Rendered in details down to the patches on a farmer’s work shoes, Dancing Girl interweaves stories villagers told Thordis with stories Thordis tells about Elika and gossip she overheard about “The American Girl.” The result is a portrait of a Greek village in transition and an American woman’s metamorphosis. Above all, Dancing Girl acknowledges the ties that bind us all: feelings that need to be expressed and a human spirit that wants to be set free. The Fundamental Note, 1991 / ISBN 0-9629766-4-4 / click here to order.

You May Plow HereYou May Plow Here: The Narrative of Sara Brooks
Edited by Thordis Simonsen

In 1974, thirty years after settling in the North, Sara Brooks told Thordis Simonsen some stories about life growing up on the 53-acre farm her father owned in central Alabama. Moved by the substance and poetry of Brooks’ recollections, Simonsen invited her to collaborate on a book. Over the next 10 years, with tears and knee-slapping laughter, Brooks recounted the exuberance of her unencumbered childhood years, the heartbreak of turbulent transition years, and the satisfaction of finally “making it.” You May Plow Here attests to Sara Brooks’ spirit for life, and especially to the hope and determination she set against hardship. WW Norton, 1986, foreword by Robert Coles / ISBN 0-393-30866-9 / click here to order.

The Color of the WildThe Color of the Wild
By Gin Getz

The Color of the Wild, an intimate look at life in an untamed land, is an original, inspiring work of literary non-fiction; an unconventional memoir of woman and land. The Color of the Wild is the beautifully told story of one woman’s life, love, family, resolve and determination. More than a memoir, with stunning stories interspersed and intertwined with powerful poetry, prose, and stunning photographs, Gin’s captivating tone and intimate view bring to life the drama and trauma of one year on her family’s ranch, scenic and secluded, surrounded by and a part of the wild world around them. Set high in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, along the Headwaters of the Rio Grande, Gin opens her world to the reader with stunning honesty, and compassionate grace, sharing this captivating, personal tale of home, belonging, commitment to land and family. Their life is living testament to the power and clarity of love, life and the natural world. Order from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. ISBN 1935254863

Cottage in the CLoudsCottage in the Clouds
By Violet Lee Hunt

In Cottage in the Clouds, third-generation Coloradoan Violet Lee Hunt tells her true account of her and her aging mother’s decision to shed their past and build a beautiful mountain home together in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Estes Park, Colorado. This captivating memoir recounts the travails of two senior women who uproot their otherwise routine lives and embark on a great adventure in their golden years determined to make a happier life for themselves. Click here to order the print version of Cottage in the Clouds. Click here to order the ebook version of Cottage in the Clouds. ISBN 978-0-98348292-5 / ASIN B005JPCFL8

tree linesTree Lines
By Mim Neal

Divorce does nothing for self-esteem. Especially when confidence was not very strong in the first place. For Mim Neal and her two sons, it was the beginning of a long, often difficult, journey toward wholeness. Tree Lines covers the post-divorce years, 1976-2004, during which Mim gains depth and wisdom by learning from the planet’s cultures and spiritual traditions … sort of The Perils of Pauline as it might have been written by Annie Dillard. Tree Lines is published by Green Fuse Poetic Arts and can be purchased on Amazon or at the Brainfood bookstore in Longmont. ISBN-10: 0983805296 / ISBN-13: 978-0983805298

stories gathered at the kitchen tableStories Gathered at the Kitchen Table
By Anne Randolph

Bold women from Kitchen Table Writing workshops share stories that led them to find confidence to become business women, leaders, mothers, healers, and trendsetters. In the safe haven of Kitchen Table Writing, these young creators and seasoned innovators from the 1950′s to Columbine create life stories that resonate with women across generations. ISBN 978-0-9888942-0-4. Purchase the book at or on Amazon.

Bair-OGALLALA ROAD-Cover (Viking)The Ogallala Road
By Julene Bair

Julene Bair has inherited part of a farming empire and fallen in love with a rancher from Kansas’s beautiful Smoky Valley. She means to create a family, provide her son with the father he longs for, and preserve the Bair farm for the next generation, honoring her own father’s wish and commandment, “Hang on to your land!” But part of her legacy is a share of the ecological harm the Bair Farm has done: each growing season her family—like other irrigators—pumps over two hundred million gallons out of the aquifer. ISBN-10: 0670786047 Order here.

One Degree West cover jpegOne Degree West
By Julene Bair

Essays about how a Kansas farm family
One Degree West: Reflections of a Plainsdaughter describes Bair’s struggle for independence and acceptance within the male-dominated farming and ranching culture of her birth. As a portrait of one young woman’s coming of age, One Degree West is a stunning mosaic of shared history. Through the eyes of an observer as gifted as Julene Bair, the personal doubts and the cultural insecurities of the 1960s retain an extraordinary luminescence and freshness. And as a documentary of three generations, the individual players—mother and father, sister and brothers, and grandson—emerge from a maze of rivalries, hard feelings, and miscommunication to become a family. ISBN-10: 0922811458 Order here.