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A World of Culture Oil and Golf
By David Allard

David Allard presents interesting stories from far flung parts of the world in his book A World of Culture, Oil and Golf. He compiled journals during a variety of assignments, business trips and overseas postings while working in more than 20 different countries plus the USA. His observations of how the global oil business works, the political changes, family challenges and security risks in various countries are the basis of this book. You may get hardcopy books through the author’s website or AmazonBarnes and Noble and other online stores. In Denver visit the Tattered Cover or BookBar book stores. The EBook version is here!  You can order it on Amazon Kindle or Kobo.

GOLD! Madness, Murder, and Mayhen in the Colorado Rockies
By Ian Neligh

GOLD! brings together the story of this metal’s glittering legacy in the Centennial State and the madness, murder, and mayhem that came along with it. The book examines the rich history of the miners and treasure hunters who came to face danger and hardships in the unforgiving Rocky Mountains. It tells the story of men mostly forgotten by the world as they go in endless pursuit of an impossible fortune. It follows miners working their small, dangerous gold claims in mines over a hundred years old, to modern-day prospectors trying to strike it rich and counterbalance the weight of a struggling economy. The book also examines if those who spend their lives in search of riches―ever actually strike it rich. Amazon

shinin-times-at-the-fortShinin’ Times at The Fort
By Holly Arnold Kinney

“An Impressive work that blends recipes that read like edible history lessons, heart-felt stories, and vivid photography. As a whole, the book beautifully represents the Fort’s significance in our Western History.”- Amanda Faison- former 5280 magazine Food Editor. ISBN: 978-0-578-05655-5 / order from The Fort website.

the phoenixThe Phoenix: An Unnatural Biography Of A Mythical Beast
By Joseph Nigg

Arising triumphantly from the ashes of its predecessor, the phoenix has been an enduring symbol of resilience and renewal for thousands of years. But how did this mythical bird become so famous that it has played a part in cultures around the world and throughout human history? How much of its story do we actually know? Here to offer a comprehensive biography and engaging (un)natural history of the phoenix is Joseph Nigg, esteemed expert on mythical creatures—from griffins and dragons to sea monsters. Available from the University of Chicago Press.

A-Chardonnay-a-DayA Chardonnay A Day
By Maggie McCan Pike

Lighthearted, uplifting, and engaging, this collection of personal narratives and essays by Maggie McCann Pike offers generous servings of reflection, wit, and opinion. The vignettes within describe the human spirit, at times with tenderness, more often with tongue planted firmly in cheek. The tale of the day two friends crashed a funeral, an anecdote of a child whose family moved away and forgot to tell her, and an awkward, nay mortifying, experience at a water park describe a few of the stories. Imbibe them one a day or all at once, whatever brings you pleasure. Autographed paperbacks are available from the author. Purchases through the website will include a free CD for pleasure reading, “All That Matters” by Timothy Pike. Also available at ISBN 978-0-9964611-0-8

memoirs-of-the-soulMemoirs of the Soul
By Nan Phifer

“Highlighting the differences between autobiographical writing and memoir writing, Phifer urges amateur writers to write of the ‘inner life,’ or times of ‘joy or crisis or profound contentment.’ She offers a structured, well-organized process for writers to follow, which includes specific exercises, inspiring quotations, and examples of student work from her memoir-writing workshops…. This how-to is highly recommended for all public libraries.” —Library Journal Click here to purchase the print or Kindle version from Amazon. Discounts of 40% are available for orders of ten or more books. For this discount, please usethis order order form.ISBN 978-0-9842060-0-1

the-takeoverThe Takeover: An Unexpected Caregiver’s Story
By Mimi Pockross

Liese and Leonard Rothman, ages 90 and 95 are living in an independent retirement community with twenty-four seven care for Liese who suffers from dementia. When Liese has one of her recurrent falls and is hospitalized once more, daughter Mimi Pockross, a long-distance caregiver who lives in Colorado, must take a hard look at the options available to her and her aging parents as they become less and less able to function independently. How she investigates housing and care alternatives in Chicago and finally decides to undertake the task of moving them to Denver where she can more easily supervise them and provide the comfort and care that they continue to need and how she takes care of them after the move is the story of this book. Along the way, the reader will learn about the many aspects of eldercare. Available on amazon.

Andrea-and-SylvesterAndrea and Sylvester: Challenging Marriage Taboos and Paving the Way to Same-Sex Marriage
By Robert Dodge

In 1941 a young couple met and fell in love; but one of them was considered Black while the other was considered White. Laws against intermarriage between races had been upheld by every court in the United States since Reconstruction, after the Civil War. Andrea and Sylvester – a Mexican-American woman and an African-American man – challenged these laws and won, and their success inspired changes that ended that taboo. When same-sex marriage became a pressing issue, their case was the precedent that first persuaded the courts to allow it. Thus Andrea and Sylvester can be credited with successfully challenging a second marriage taboo. Both stories are followed from the beginning through the Supreme Court’s decisions in which they had influence. Available on Amazon, from the publisher and at other online sites.

Which-Chosen-People-Which Chosen People? Manifest Destiny Meets the Sioux
By Robert Dodge

Belief in American exceptionalism reached its apex during the 1800s expressed as “Manifest Destiny”. Among its victims were Native Americans. The Sioux resisted, eventually in desperation resorting to Ghost Dancing and claiming that Indians, not whites, were the chosen people. The destruction of Indian culture provided precedent and justification for empire building that accelerated soon after Sioux resistance was crushed. Frank Fiske observed this at the Standing Rock Reservation, where Sitting Bull was held, then killed. Fiske recorded the story and also kept the glorious past of the Sioux alive with his spectacular photographs. Available from Algora, Amazon, B&N, other online sites. Algora Publishing, New York, ISBN: 9781-162894-027552295

Schelling's-Game-Theory--How-to-Make-DecisionsSchelling’s Game Theory: How to Make Decisions
By Robert Dodge

Thomas Schelling, who wrote the foreword for this book, won the Nobel Prize in economics for “having enhanced our understanding of conflict and cooperation through game-theory analysis.” In this book, Robert Dodge provides in language for a broad audience, the concepts that Schelling taught. Along with a summary of the material Schelling presented, included are problems from the course and similar less challenging questions. Chapter supplements are added to illuminate points, including writings by Paul Krugman, Thomas Friedman, Steven Levitt, and others. Available online from Oxford, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and at other web and retail sites. Oxford University Press, ISBN-13: 978-0199857203

absent-aviatorsAbsent Aviators: Gender Issues in Aviation
By Penny Rafferty Hamilton, Ph. D.

Offering a diverse range of issues in aviation from international authors and scholars in Australia, Australia, the United States, Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom, this hardback, 369 page book, presents a broad picture of gender issues in aviation. This book will prove to be a valuable contribution to the debates on women in male-dominated occupations and give the reader a practical guide for the aviation industry to help overcome the looming shortfall of pilots by developing inclusive strategies. Chapter 13, Teaching Women to Fly Research Projects results contributed by Dr. Penny Rafferty Hamilton, the editors chose the photograph of Penny with her airplane and the Granby, Colorado airport for the front cover of this book. ISBN: 978-1-4724-3338-1

Around-GranbyAround Granby
By Penny Rafferty Hamilton, Ph.D.

Colorado history explored from the Berthoud Pass to the Rocky Mountain National Park with special emphasis on the Granby-area. Historic photographs from the late 1800s of Utes, early trappers and prospectors to today’s “White Gold” in the form of Colorado Champagne Powder tell the story of the western slope community around Granby where the Spirit of the West is alive and well. Trade paperback, 128 pages, $21.99 ISBN: 978-1-4671-3045-5

Living with Loss, One Day at a TimeLiving with Loss, One Day at a Time
By Rachel Kodanaz

Living with Loss, One Day at a Time offers daily encouragement to individuals and families who have lost a loved one or are suffering from any form of loss. The 365 daily lessons and thought-provoking ideas provide hope, optimism, introspection, and self-discovery. The book is a great tool to spark communication with your family on a daily basis as each day provides a discussion item for all ages and creates a meaningful dinnertime conversation. The upbeat and matter-of-fact format allows for clarity on subjects that are often overlooked or not discussed amongst friends and family. Whether for you or a friend, the book will be an ideal companion throughout the journey. ISBN: 978-1-938486-31-9 (print) / ISBN: 978-1-938486-42-5 (e-book) Order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or get signed copies from the author.

Grief-In-The-WorkplaceGrief in the Workplace Guide
By Rachel Kodanaz

Grief in the Workplace offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to support those who have experienced a death at work. By providing tools and practical advice that help manage expectations, this handy and comforting guide enables employees, Human Resources, and Employee Assistance Programs to embrace and address the loss effectively and compassionately. As a motivational speaker, grief consultant, trainer and facilitator, Rachel Blythe Kodanaz provides encouragement to those who are suffering a loss. Her experience in management at Fortune 100 companies and the death of her young husband provides insight into challenges and solutions supporting grief in the workplace. Available for purchase and ISBN-10: 1507617585 / ISBN-13: 978-1507617588

The Recovery BookThe Recovery Book: Answers to All Your Questions About Addiction and Alcoholism and Finding Health and Happiness in Sobriety
By Al J. Mooney, MD, Catherine Dold, and Howard Eisenberg; Foreword by Harry Haroutunian, MD, Physician Director, Betty Ford Center

The Recovery Book provides an easy-to-follow road map to every step in the recovery process, from the decision to quit to the emotional, physical, and spiritual issues that arise along the way. Its comprehensive advice speaks to people with addiction and their loved ones, as well as addiction professionals. The Recovery Book features the revolutionary Recovery Zone System, which divides a life in recovery into three zones and provides guidance on exactly what to do in each zone. It also explains how the brain is affected by addiction and how people in recovery can take simple daily steps to retrain their brains to focus on recovery. Workman Publishing ISBN: 978-0-7611-7611-4 The Recovery Book is available at all book retailres. Ordering links also at

Butterflies-Scarabs-and-SecretsButterflies, Scarabs and Secrets: The Life and Artwork of Clayton Blair Dougherty
By Betty LaVelle

Clayton Blair Dougherty was a world traveler and gifted multimedia artist with a rare and vibrant vision of reality. He turned this vision into unique collages, which he then hid within thousands of books in his collection—a secret vault that was only discovered after his death. Perhaps it was his way of speaking his inner mind. Although Clayton’s oil paintings were exhibited in Ireland and Finland, the collages and other artwork contained in Butterflies, Scarabs and Secrets were not created with the intention of being viewed. Within the pages of this kaleidoscopic body of work you may catch a glimpse of his world— the stimuli of environment that many of us will never encounter– and the creations that came into being as a result of the obstacles he faced.
ISBN: 978-0-57-812951-8 To order email to:; or visit

Taste_of_Washington_FRONTCOVERA Taste of Washington: Favorite Recipes from the Evergreen State
By Michele Morris

A Taste of Washington: Favorite Recipes from the Evergreen State showcases Washington’s remarkably diverse cuisine, from classic Pacific Northwest fare to innovative fusions of global flavors. Mouthwatering photographs complement 120 recipes both simple and sumptuous from the finest restaurants, inns, lodges, bistros, cafés, and bed-and-breakfasts across the state. For a fresh take on fabulous food, sample these irresistible dishes from the Evergreen State like Blueberry Morning Glories with Warm Blueberry Sauce, Marionberry Pancakes, Crispy Fried Walla Walla Sweet Onions, Geoduck Sauté, Cauliflower and Prosecco Soup with Warm Totten Virginica Oysters and Sorrel, Baked Halibut with Morels, Ramps, and Smoked Bacon Butter Sauce, Cherry Chipotle Short Ribs, Northwest Fish Tacos, Pine and Spruce Smoked Salmon, Alsatian Apple Tart with Brown Butter Ice Cream, Red Wine Poached Pear Clafoutis and Theo Chocolate Ganache Cake. Click here for ordering information.

America's SuicideAmerica’s Suicide
By Michael H. Davison

We are murdering industrial America, self-reliant America, confident America. In its place we erect a nanny state, a nation of dependent adults. The salient question is why? Was this historically incomparable nation built on parental government principles? Can such a government guarantee greater freedom? Justice? Fairness? Compassion? Equality? The book argues that the political solutions that we commonly apply to satisfy our needs must inevitably fail to achieve their purpose simply because our moral dilemma and political problems are not at root political. They cannot be resolved by electing the “right” political party. ISBN 978-0-9792437-1-4 (paperback)

Why Has America Stopped InventingWhy Has America Stopped Inventing
By Darrin Gibby

America loves innovation and the can-do spirit that made this country what it is—a world leader in self-government, industry and technology, and pop culture. Everything about America has at one point or another been an experiment and a leap of faith. And one such experiment—upon which all others depend for success—is the U.S. Patent System. Why Has America Stopped Inventing? takes a close look at why this experiment appears to be failing, and why America has all but stopped inventing. Our belief that we are the most innovative people on earth is mistaken. Statistics show that today we invent less than half of what our counterparts did a century and a half ago. Look around: Where are the groundbreaking inventions comparable to those from the Industrial Revolution? It’s unforgivable that we’ve been using the same mode of transportation for over a century. Why are we giving a trillion dollars every year to hostile foreign nations for imported oil when we have the inventive talent in America to solve the nation’s energy crisis? We don’t have these desperately needed technologies because regular Americans have given up on inventing. Why Has America Stopped Inventing? explains why by comparing the experiences of America’s most successful 19th century inventors with those of today, showing Jefferson refusing to waste any more weekends examining patent applications, Whitney being robbed of his fortune while the South’s wealth exploded, the patent models that kept British soldiers from burning Washington’s last-standing federal building, the formation of Lincoln’s cabinet, and Selden crippling the entire U.S. Auto Industry. It also tells the story of the Wright brother’s airplane monopoly, the Colt revolver’s role in the Mexican American War, the Sewing Machine wars, the last six months of Daniel Webster’s life, and the fraudulently created Bell Empire. ISBN 978-1614480488 Order here.

TASTING_COLORADOTasting Colorado: Favorite Recipes from the Centennial State
By Michele Morris

Tasting Colorado, the first cookbook from cooking teacher, caterer, sommelier, food writer, and food photographer Michele Morris, showcases the dazzling variety of Colorado’s cuisine, from classic Western fare to innovative fusions of global flavors. Mouthwatering photographs complement 120 recipes both simple and sumptuous from Colorado’s finest restaurants, lodges, and bed-and-breakfasts. For a fresh take on fabulous food, sample irresistible dishes from the Centennial State like Cowboy Corn Cakes, Tequila-Lime Salsa, Grilled Palisade Peaches, Serrano Ham, and Rocket Salad, Buffalo Redeye Stew, and Chili-Chocolate Bourbon Cake. ISBN 978-1-56037-539-5 Click here for retail outlets and more information.

Rocky Mountain National Park-100Rocky Mountain National Park: The First 100 Years
By Mary Taylor Young

Mary Taylor Young’s 15th book, gives readers a sneak peek as Rocky prepares to celebrate its centennial in 2015. This “100-year” history really covers a billion years, from the dawn of time into the future. Journey back in time to witness the rise of mountains, meet Native Americans, homesteaders and adventurers; visionaries who preserved a quarter million acres of mountain and meadow for everyone; artists; rangers; and the throngs of visitors who have found renewal there. This full-color coffee table book is loaded with historical and contemporary photos. $39.99 cover price – 10% discount at the author’s website, Also available at or any store or online book retailer. ISBN 13: 978-1-56037-567-8 / ISBN 10: 1-56037-567-1

cookies in the cloudsCookies in the Clouds
By Vera Dawson

Cookies in the Clouds is a hard-back book filled with a mouth-watering collection of cookie recipes proven to work at elevations of 8,000 feet and above. It’s divided into three sections: Cookies Baked in a Pan, Hand-Formed and Drop Cookies, and Refrigerator and Cut-Out Cookies. Each section starts with helpful suggestions for successfully creating the cookies found within it. All the recipes include easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions and each is accompanied by a color photo that shows exactly what you’re making. Valuable tips for baking at high altitudes and recommendations about ingredients and equipment are sprinkled throughout the pages. The author’s goal is to give the reader everything needed for successful baking in the high country. ISBN 978-0-615-91478-7 – order at

natural childbirth exercisesNatural Childbirth Exercises for the Best Birth Ever
By Rhondda Evans Hartman

Do you want to have the best birth ever?
In this book you will learn:
How it feels to be pregnant.
How to use specific exercises to prepare your body for pregnancy and birth.
How to become an expert in natural childbirth and pregnancy.
How to accept the help of your own best ever coach.
How to work with your body during labor.
How to find the best support team and specialists.
How to choose the best health care provider.
How to release the fear from childbirth.
How to have the best birth ever!
The book is available on the author’s website or on, Barnes & Noble, and the Tattered Cover. ISBN# 978-1-886331-47-2

MyHusbandIsGay CoverMy Husband Is Gay: A Woman’s Guide to Surviving the Crisis
By Carol Grever

After 30 years of marriage, Carol Grever’s husband told her he is gay. His disclosure launched her on a five-year soul-searching journey, meeting and interviewing 35 other women in mixed-orientation relationships. Their stories of passage from upheaval to wholeness exemplify forgiveness, growth, healing, and hope. The book is an essential road map for any straight spouse seeking to survive this crisis. ISBN: 1-58091-089-0. To order, visit

WhenYourSpouseComesOut CoverWhen Your Spouse Comes Out: A Straight Mate’s Recovery Manual
By Carol Grever, MA and Deborah Bowman, PhD

This compact, practical guide offers a coherent plan for long-term recovery for heterosexual men and women who unknowingly married gays. Co-authored by Carol Grever and psychologist Dr. Deborah Bowman, it carries an optimistic message through authentic case interpretations. It is intended for individual straight spouses but is also useful for counselors, therapy and support groups, and university students. Grever’s earlier book about the straight spouse dilemma, My Husband Is Gay was intended for women in the early discovery stage. This book guides both men and women toward complete healing through psychological insights and therapeutic activities. ISBN: 978-0-7890-3629-2. To order, visit

I Promist Not to Suffer
I Promise Not to Suffer: A Fool for Love Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail
By Gail Storey

I Promise Not to Suffer: A Fool for Love Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail, winner of the 2013 National Outdoor Book Award and the Barbara Savage Award (Mountaineers Books), is Gail Storey’s hilariously harrowing story of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail over the mountains from Mexico to Canada with her husband, a hospice and palliative care doctor, in their fifties. For twenty miles a day, they walk deeper into the wilderness of love and nature, and the question “Who am I?” And they’re still married! Cheryl Strayed called it “Witty, wise, and full of heart…as poignant as it is smart.” For more info and to order visit ISBN 978-1-59485-745-4 (pbk), ISBN 978-1-59485-746-1 (ebook)

Dodging DandelionsDodging Dandelions
By Ron Richards

Dodging Dandelions is Ron Richards’ first book and the true story of how an ordinary family dealt with extraordinary adversities. His wife, Sara, was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 30 and battled the disease over the next 22 years, the final four a time in which he was her primary caregiver. Along the way, they adopted a daughter who, they soon discovered, had severe mental illness issues. Further complicating their situation were his two bouts with kidney cancer. Dodging Dandelions is a feelings-filled, heart-felt and starkly honest male perspective on how they managed to remain positive despite difficult times. ISBN 978-0-9899144-0-6 (print) / 978-0-9899144-1-3 (e-book). Order on or from Barnes & Noble, or visit the author’s website,


Quinoa QuookbookThe Quinoa Quookbook:  100 Quintessential Recipes Featuring Quinoa—the “Super Food”
By Eliza Cross
From the United Nations declaring 2013 the “International Year of Quinoa” to being lampooned in a Bud Light commercial, quinoa is getting more press than the Kardashians. What’s all the hype about? Does quinoa taste good? Why is it called the “super food”? The Quinoa Quookbook by Eliza Cross features 100 innovative recipes showcasing quinoa in breakfasts, breads, appetizers, soups, salads, dinners, sides and desserts—along with helpful cooking tips and organic quinoa sources. Illustrations by Betty Crosslen appear throughout the book. ISBN 978-0-61589-852-0. Available through Amazon  and


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