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To-the-Dark-AngelsTo The Dark Angels
By Jared Smith

William Tremblay writes of this book “Jared Smith’s book To The Dark Angels is alive with awe and wonder from cover to cover. Grasses become spirits, spaces between stars become the spaces of human longing, and flesh becomes the seismograph which records the million little quakes that shake our assumptions and forge our consciousness.Science and art swim like galaxies sweeping through each other, miraculously without collision. They are an endless song of the road and bestow the unexpected kindnesses of provident angels who may be ourselves from a different time.” Link for ordering – ISBN: 978-1-63045-003-8.

the-collected-poems-of-jared-smithThe Collected Poems of Jared Smith: 1971-2011
By Jared Smith

This book brings together almost 300 poems from 9 books along with over 60 poems that were previously uncollected. Never a poet of any one stylistic or regional “school,” Smith has been praised by such literary innovators as Lawrence Ferlinghetti, William Packard, Joseph Bruchac, Diana Hume George, Andrew Glaze, and Hugh Fox, among others. This collected works chronicles his development of both craft and vision suited to the quest for a language and understanding of human dignity and of our relevance to the modern world. Link for ordering, ISBN: 978-1-935520-51-1 (soft-cover) or ISBN: 978-1-935520-70-2 (for hard-cover)

By Jared Smith

This book of poetry is planted firmly in the history and nature of Colorado. John Amen wrote, “With Grassroots, Jared Smith continues to explore human longing, sorrow, and resilience…His content is singular, specific, concrete, but it always functions sublimely, pointing towards the grander cycles of Eros and Thanatos. Here is a poet deep with thought and rich emotion.” Link for ordering, ISBN: 978-1-936138-09-8

Signs-of-LifeSigns of Life
By Valerie Szarek

Sometimes when we meet a person or read a poem, inexplicably the doors to our hearts fling open and we are more alive. The only thing better than reading these poems in a quiet space would be to have them read to us by Valerie. Lyrical, reverent, and giddy with paradox, this collection is fearless, an invitation to engage more wholly in the world. (Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, The Less I Hold and The Miracle Already Happening) ISBN: 13: 978-0615995533 / International ISBN: 10: 0615995535 – available on and at The Boulder Bookstore.

GLIMPSES-GreverGlimpses: A Memoir In Poetry
By Carol Grever

This poetry collection is archaeology of the soul, including recent work and poems written over many years. Distinct lifetime stages emerge, each with particular interests and longings. Individual poems depict slices of time, vivid moments to distill their insight. Crisis strikes, bliss surprises, humor heartens, mistakes chasten and love heals. The poems reveal deepening understanding with age, and readers find echoes of their own discoveries. Together, these poetic glimpses suggest the essence of a full life edging toward acceptance and peace. ISBN: 978-1-4327-8939-8. To Order, visit

Quiet_Garden_CoverIn the Heart of a Quiet Garden
By Laurel Jean Becker

Poetry that addresses and embraces life’s limitations and sorrows, as well as the quiet center where peace resides and hope and joy emerge. ISBN Number: 978-1-62229-254-7. Ordering links can be found on the authors website


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