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CAL Board Meeting Minutes – October 20, 2014

Monday, Oct. 20, 2014 CAL Board Meeting Minutes

6:30-8:30pm – Englewood Library, Anderson Room

These minutes were amended on Monday, Nov. 17, 2014.

In attendance:

Mike Madigan, Peg Brantley, Cheryl Carpinello, Trina Lambert, Margie Evan, Christine Goff

6:57 – Call to order – Mike Madigan


 3 new members for consideration:

  • Lydia M. Gil – Mimi’s Parranda – bilingual children’s picture book – Letters from Heaven Oct. 2014
  • Mark Wolf – former RMN reporter – “OverTime: Coach Katte on Basketball and Life” Nov. 2014 – need to wait for books to come out.
  • Thordis Simonsen – Books too old.

No approval given for new membership as all written material submitted were older than the specified time limits (Must have books w/in 3 years; articles, etc. w/in 2 years.) Will wait until newer works become available.

Approval of Minutes of September meeting will be approved on-line later in the week.

Trina Lambert – Treasurer’s Report through Oct. 6th, 2014:

Downing Scholarship – need to find where Linda put it.

Mike will talk with Linda about submitting updated Budget

  • Need budget by event
  • Need more detailed report as well as up-to-date

Christine Goff needs to know whether attendees at last Saturday meeting were members or non-members.

Treasurer’s Report accepted with notice of mistake. Unanimously approved. Christine moved; Peg seconde


Julie Browman is now the Publicity Chair

Peg – Awards Update

Working with Columbine Printing on getting the stickers printed – Peg will ask when the proofs will be ready

Peg supplied historical records for Literary Awards for 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 201. Will get those put on the website

Peg’s suggestion for 2015 awards:

  • Increase fee from $35 to $50? Christine moves to raise fee; Mike seconds. Vote is 5-2. Increase passed.
  • Give 100 stickers free for winners and finalists
  • Add eBook?
  • Have entry forms at meetings

Judges?? – SW Writers not sure they will judge this year. Christine will check with RMM Writers out of state to see if there are writers’ groups who do judging. Definitely out of house. New Mexico Press Club – Margie will check with them. Margi will check with Library contact to see if out-of-state Librarians would be interested. Mike will check with Sally (formerly of the state librarian)

Peg will work up a list of categories for 2015 to send out in email blast.

Ask previous winners what more CAL could do

Programs – Christine Goff

Last program wasn’t well attended-Oct. 11

The programs for January and February 2015 have been switched.

The January Program will now be about he Business of writing: possibly a lawyer or Indy publisher. Location TBA.

The February Program will now be the Craft Fair at Arapahoe Community College in partnership with the ACC Writer’s Studio with Kathy Winograd

The March Program is on marketing and social media.

The April Program is Genre Fest.

Podcasts: 42 viewed after the 1st workshop, but didn’t listen to entire program — Positive feedback – $62 for the editing of the first podcast (maybe comes out of Michele’s retainer?)

Holiday Mart

Notice send today with details and list of what Denny needs – Needs 2 or 3 people to help set-up: Cheryl Carpinello volunteered, Margi maybe.


Looking for PR contacts

Mark Stebens has extensive list of contacts-may share if asked

CALCON – Margi Evans

  • Cards of those who entered giveaway – send email to all and thank them for stopping by??
  • Lots of exposure for CAL
  • Only 2 winners showed up to claim books – Not sure why not?
  • Leftover books use for giveaways at upcoming programs
  • CAL asked to provide readers but few had any readers: Maybe Readers should not be scheduled against sessions; Set of a circle of chairs for readers; Have as part of the program-Cal be one of the sessions
  • CAL should go back to the event next year


  • Service Project – New or gently used children’s book – Doctor’s Care with Reach out and Read (2013); Joy House (Battered Women); Brandon Center (homeless, VOA) = chosen
  • After discussion, decided that 2014 Xmas Party Project will be for children’s books
  • Banquet speaker – Waiting for list of speakers supplied by Tattered Cover last year & add others like Meg Cabot – try for a woman speaker (last 2 years have been men)

New Business

Christmas Party 

  • Christmas Party Site – Dec. 7 – Deposit for Roxborough already.
  • What about Book Bar: Spend $300 for food and have a cash bar. Mike will work on that.
  • Decision made to use the Book Bar

CAL student scholarship

  • Proposal to increase, but no budget
  • Joy Lawrence will head up this
  • Julie Browman to reach out to colleges to expand program

Lifetime Achievement/Authors Advocate Nominations

  • Definitely continue Lifetime award
  • Carry forward those from last year that didn’t win & seek new nominations after Xmas. Nominations can come from any CAL member
  • Author Advocate is a Board award & the Board chooses (last year Joyce Mestis of Tattered Cover).
  • Should try to give it again this year
  • Possibles like Colorado Humanities (Josephine Jones), State Librarian, Professors, Teachers, etc.

Adjourned at 8:21 pm


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