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CAL Board Meeting Minutes – September 15, 2014

In attendance: Mike Madigan, Denny Dressman, Trina Lambert, Peg Brantley, Margi Evans, Chris Goff, Matt Schild

By proxy: Cheryl Carpinello

Meeting called to order by Mike at 6:40 p.m.

Minutes from July 21 meeting were approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report—Trina

  • Proposed 2014-2015 budget presented based on discussions from the July meeting, as well as further revisions from Mike and Trina since the meeting
  • Mike explained that his discomfort at the level of projected loss led to specific revisions
  • Part of this year’s higher expenses include printing promotional materials for membership and stickers for awards
  • Expense categories reduced
    • Banquet from $6,000 to $5,600
    • CAL award from $4,100 to $3,900
    • Miscellaneous from $200 to $100
  • Projected membership revenue reduced from $11,200 to $10,700, based upon the membership chair position remaining open, as well as current renewal numbers
  • Holiday Mart
    • Projected revenue reduced from $10,500 to $9,000
    • Projected expense reduced from $11,000 to $9,200
  • Trina added the additional expense of $100 for newsletter, which had not been listed on the report
  • Total loss on proposed budget: $2,981
  • Budget approved: Chris moved and Peg seconded with all in favor.

Membership Report—Mike

  • Renewals stand at 221 which is about 20 better than this time last year
  • New member submission: Darin Gibby. Denny moved, Matt seconded; all in favor
  • Mike is contacting possible new members; members such as Chris have given him suggestions
  • Trina suggested more overt membership outreach at programs

Corporate and/or Non-profit Membership Discussion–Mike

  • Organizations listed in Who’s Who as corporate members
    • Colorado Humanities (Colorado Book Awards)
    • Tattered Cover
  • Topics discussed included:
    • Inability of various non-profits to pay a fee while non-profit information sharing can be valuable to members, as with the Colorado Book Awards
    • Difference between access for non-profits and businesses
    • Member rates at events versus only news information shared
    • Protect member mail list versus allowing access
    • Corporate/for-profit fees versus non-profit no fees
  • Mike will respond to the Colorado Humanities request for access to InPrint and Who’s Who by providing a password-protected way for the organization to access InPrint but acknowledging that CAL members have asked that Who’s Who information not be shared
  • Mike will also prepare a paragraph to summarize the relationship with non-profit writing organizations
    • password-protected access to InPrint will be provided
    • access to Who’s Who will not be provided
    • CAL will move to provide a nest on the website where CAL will post writing-related information from non-profit organizations
  • CAL will need to consider setting a fee for corporate memberships but grandfather the Tattered Cover

Banquet/Librarian Conference—Margi

  • Signed contract for banquet for Friday, May 8, 2015 at Courtyard Marriott
  • Mike suggested arranging a Tattered Cover signing for the winners/finalists a month or so after the banquet; Chris mentioned members will need to know to provide own publicity
  • Margi handed out schedule and explained details of CAL’s participation at the Colorado Association of Librarians Conference October 17 and 18 in Loveland

Programs—Denny and Chris

  • Sept 13 program went well with more attendees than expected
    • Majority of event comments were positive
    • Event appears to have made money but Mike will ask Linda Lange to breakout program expenses in detail to provide better analysis
    • Trina will ask Linda what program expenses are included in current financial report numbers
    • Michele Morris did an excellent but time-consuming job of editing the audio highlights from the program
    • Audio has been sent out; having these highlights available to the members will be a great boost but there needs to be a way to reduce the hours Michele spends on the project
    • In the future, a booster will be used to improve audio quality
  • Second Saturday October 11 program is “Sizzle! Sizzle! The Creative Side of Selling a Book”
    • Will be held at Red Rocks Community College
  • Mike is doing publicity while the position is open
    • Denver Post, Colorado Community Media, Westword
    • College writing departments
    • Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers
  • Chris is working to get the location locked down for the January program


  • Brought in label sample from Exceed; none received from other bidder
  • Chris suggested she check with Columbine Label also
  • Mike will work on cleaning up the label graphics so labels will be ready to print as soon as we order
  • If possible, labels should be available for the library event, although they were not promised to exhibitors


  • Would like to incorporate news about other organization’s events
  • Has been contacted about advertising—something to discuss in the future
  • Wants to redo CAL logo size on the InPrint—will discuss with Michele Morris

Web site—Mike

  • Mike presented for Michele who was absent
  • Michele wants more member news; CAL will send a reminder
  • Need analytics information from Michele
  • Board would like her to set up RSS feed; Denny moved and Chris seconded; all in favor

New Business—Mike

  • Downing scholarship update
    • Family chose Emily Downing as the winner
    • CAL sent congratulations and award
  • Holiday party
    • Set for December 14, afternoon
    • Need a location, preferred to find a member who has access to a clubhouse
    • Margi mentioned finding an organization for book donations
  • Set deadlines for Lifetime & Advocate nominations
  • Holiday Mart
    • Getting ready to do promotion
    • Need more registrations—at 25-26 and have room for 15 more
  • Chris brought up need to move on April’s genre-fest program—Mike said to discuss next month

Meeting adjourned at 8:29 p.m.

(Minutes written/submitted by Trina Lambert in absence of Cheryl Carpinello)



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