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CAL Board Meeting Minutes – May 19, 2014

Attending: Vickie Bane, Linda Carlson, Barb Lundy, Matt Shield, Jerrie Hurd, Cheryl Carpinello, Peg Brantley, Mike Madigan, Kim Field; Linda Lange, Margi Evans, Trina Lambert

Call to order @6:05

Minutes approved by Linda Carlson, 2nd by Peg Brantley

Treasurer Report: Mike Madigan

  • $16 profit for the year
  • Expenses for the Banquet higher than in 2013
  • Mike distributed a Balance Sheet comparing the year ending June 2014 to the year ending June 2013.
  • Mike distributed a Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual for the period July 1, 2013 through May 16, 2014.
  • Next year’s budget will include the change in renewals by a month. New budget should still start on July 1. Trina, Linda, and Mike will do

Linda Lange

Budget serves a number of purposes for growing the organization and authorization for her to sign checks.

Expense report form devised years ago. Linda has report and will email. Contact her at email: Any outstanding expenses need to be turned in ASAP.

Program: Linda Carlson

Great year, good programs; good comments; survey handed out at last program; Linda typed up email for Denny and Christine about the year’s program.

Vickie advises of bigger room upstairs at Englewood Library for future uses. Linda will email Denny and Christine about new room.

Membership: Jerrie Hurd

Membership up to 252, two more than proposed increase for 2014.

Two new members to vote on:

Michael Seldon: scientist; The Boy Who Ran

Gin Getz: The Color of the Wild

Kim Field moves & Linda Carlson 2nd approval for membership.

New members approved in April and tonight will not have their dues go up.

Membership letter should inform that there is no longer a $45 application fee.

Awards: Barb Lundy

Report Barb submitted:

Built Momentum

  • Increased participation (24% more plus 2 additional categories)
  • Prizes increased (added $100/category and entry fee raised from $25 to $35)
  • Made small profit ($55)

Key Reasons for success

  • Kim reached out to professional writers organizations
  • Jerri successfully recruited new members
  • Barb communicated effectively with all interested in the award process

Suggestions for upcoming year:

  • Submissions to press of finalists/award winners need to include author’s name/city
  • Have authors include info for their favorite bookseller(s) with entry
  • Tattered Cover-contact Marti Stewart set of a table of finalists’ books
  • Raise the amount of awards
  • Increase entry fee to $50 from $35.

Bill Porter (Denver Post?) really likes us!

Publicity: Kim Field

People interested in what CAL is doing

Build list of contacts and keep it updated

Keep it blurbs for publicity short

Kim did a super job noted Vickie Bane.

Reason for success: More to offer, programs, new awards, Holiday Mart

Ron Richards will be doing publicity this coming year.


General:Remarks after were good; food good, veggie meal not so good; view fabulous; lighting at podium not good

Go back to Courtyard with Margi to negotiate for next year; CAL prefers to stay there

Mike and Margi – Courtyard-Margi has appointment Friday morning (May 23) at 10. Courtyard excited to have CAL back.

Mike: New Business


Mike to do InPrint renewal

Mailing first helped, then followed up with email, and then phone call

Jerrie Hurd will do Membership Letter

General comments

  • Those who just joined will appreciate not having to pay again so soon.
  • Jerrie wants to send goodies with acceptance letter: stickers, Colo. author labels (would like to send labels in renewal letters)
  • Margi has idea for award stickers: one for award winners; one for award finalist with logo in center
  • Possibly give 20 stickers and then author can buy more
  • Jerrie asked and has permission to print CAL sign-up brochures

Holiday Mart

9 early entries; Mike will email; don’t have to be there to sign but can still sell.

Reserved 3 tables for this year


Discussion: Put minutes on website for board? Once approved make available to whole membership? Transparency. Redact memberships not approved. Start out just for the board? Discussions sometimes not for all. Maybe an abbreviated edition?

Call for motion to vote: Matt Schild: Everything except membership discussion but will put in approved. Approved.

Proposed 2014-15 meeting

Move June 16 to 28th for brainstorming (Goal setting) 2-3 hours 10-1pm

Vickie suggests Evite to board with dates for brainstorming; need people to come in with ideas

Dates library not open: Jan 19/Feb 16 2015

Have a lot of members from Springs: need to address; Poetry West, Hamien Writers

Newsletter/Colo. Librarian Conference: Margi Evans

Approved $200 for librarian conference in Oct.

Oct. 17/18 9-5 in Loveland

2 tables 2 days for $200


  • Will invite all finalists/award winners to display books
  • Colorado Librarians would like to have relationship with CAL
  • Invite CAL authors to come and man booth with CAL banners, card brochures (maybe stuff in packets)where attendance is about 700 CO librarians
  • Authors will have book donated to a drawing for librarian – only finalists/winners – only 1 book – Only 1 copy of book-Margi will contact them and Barb will send her the list
  • Slideshow-need to setup for show-CAL has laptop projector & Mike has screen so no expense involved-run from laptop
  • 3 non-book winners: what benefits for them??? Maybe send an 8×11 poster – turn their slide into a poster.
  • Possibly send a letter to publishers of essays, short fiction
  • Maybe an institutional category for Librarian memberships
  • Most libraries have writer’s groups-librarians can use the Sign-up card. Ask Linda for a discount at Regis-How many to print? Does not go out of date. Have available on-line-get an estimate on about 3000-Denny has the file
  • Margi-have an okay to work on stickers? get an estimate-Matt suggests die-cut
  • Jerrie Hurd will use what is available from Vickie and Peg

Tucson book festival; too expensive, too far- put on website

Final Business: Exchange of information between old and new board

Finished at 7:35pm.


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