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CAL Board Meeting Minutes – July 21, 2014

In attendance:  Mike Madigan, Denny Dressman, Cheryl Carpinello, Ron Richards, Trina Lambert, Pam Kramer, Linda Lange, Peg Brantley, and Margi Evans

Meeting adjourned at 6:10 pm by Mike Madigan

Approval of Minutes of the June 28 meeting were approved with the following addition:

Email approval of banquet date: 8-2 in favor of Wednesday May 6th. Denny moved, Trina seconded addition of above.

Trina 2014-2015 Treasurer Update:


  • All Revenue higher than expected even with the increase of expenses.
  • Videos for banquet moved to go under Awards
  • CAL eBook Sales on Amazon – $16.93 for Writing Tips
  • Increase in Assets/Liabilities on 6/30/2014 Balance Sheet reflect earlier dues collection and Holiday Mart Pre-pays
  • Shelves purchased for the Holiday Mart moved to Equipment to keep track of them

Draft Proposal of Budget for July 2014 – June 2015:

Boosted Member Dues and Program Revenue

  • Program: 6 events this year instead of the 5 last year
  • Program: Pay honorium to more speakers
  • Members -84% of 265 for this year’s Dues budget

Holiday Mart Expenses

  • Publicity and Pay-off to authors
  • This year, CAL is not taking a percent. Paypal fee comes from author’s revenue. Sales tax collected but does not show as revenue
  • Fee from authors
  • Expenses: booth fees

Numbers for Holiday Mart should be budgeted for break even

  • $3240 paid to Junior League for Booth Space
  • Revenue = Registrations roughly $1800
  • Balance of Sign-ups needed to cover the space cost
  • Publicity costs still needed and will be a loss then
  • Mike proposes $10,500 for Budget Income and $11,000 for Expense
  • Remaining sign ups at a higher cost would cover Booth cost.

Membership Expense

  • Increase to include flyer printing

Merchant fee

  • Increase to $300

Newsletter expense

  • Increase to $100

Web Expenses

  • Check with Michele

Who’s Who

  • Last year’s had 212

Peg – Awards Proposals

  • $35 for articles/websites – discussion to be continued
  • Stickers for winners and finalists – price bids handed out – samples will be seen before bought. Proposes to order 10,000. Do bids include winner and finalist stickers? One run of stickers. 10,000 finalists and maybe 3000, 4000 winners — This award would be in CAL Award category–Not in budget yet-should match Colorado Book Awards which gives 100 free stickers. Mike suggests that we budget $1000 for stickers. Need to preview in Sept. Would like to have for Oct. library meeting
  • Mike suggests that Peg talk to Barb about cost to enter.

CAL Banquet expenses

  • Increased to $6000 to cover additional expenses

Budget discussion tabled for the night.

Margi – Banquet

  • Date of May 6th is no longer available. $1000 extra & can’t be in until 6:30
  • Date of May 4th up to $350 from $75
  • Mike moves for Monday, May 4th. All in attendance approved.
  • Fee for dinner last year $50/person – Do not change

Additional information about the Banquet Saga by Mike on 7/25/14:

When Margi attempted to finalize Monday, May 4, they informed her that again we can’t get into the room until 6pm due to the group that is there all week.

When she inquired about dates/times either the week before or week after May 4, she was told the same thing. Courtyard now says it cannot guarantee us getting the room before 6pm for ANY DATE until three months before. The one date I think they would still give us before 6pm is Friday, May 8, because their group will be gone, but I just think Friday is a bad night for a banquet.

Mike requested feedback on these options:

  1. We lock in a date, so that we can announce it, but we delay announcing the time until three months before. This way Margi might be able to secure Wed. or Thur., April 29 or 30, or go back to May 4 or 6. We stress with Courtyard we would like the room by 4-5pm, but if three months before we learn we can’t get in until 6pm, then we announce cocktails at 6:30, dinner at 7:00 or 7:15. We’ll need all the help we can get to set up the room in 30 minutes, but Margi and I think we can do it. We hire the hotel A/V person to set up and run our A/V through the banquet so we don’t have to wrestle with that.
  2. We take Friday, May 8, when we can have the room early.
  3. We start hunting for an alternate banquet site.

I favor #1 assuming we can get the date we want.

Please give me and Margi your feedback, copying all. We’ll try and make a decision on how to proceed by Monday.

7/25/14 Update by Margi:

We know for sure that we can’t get the 4th or 6th until 6 p.m. Fri the 8th, AT THIS POINT, is available for an earlier set up but they won’t guarantee that until 3 months out. The week before is free AT THIS POINT, but, again no guarantee that we can get in before 6 if someone else takes it earlier in the day. We can switch dates without penalty. I would vote we try for Wed. or Thurs. April 29 or 30th IF the prices are still the same ($350) OR Monday the 11th and hope no one else comes in before us.

Denny: Programs

  • Handed out packet-plan for the year
  • Need to publicize to all not just CAL members: deans of writing schools, local papers, etc.
  • Ron will create a piece for the webste.
  • Mike to email with details to members, and in Aug In-Print


  • Lists of members not renewed as of 7/21/14 AM
  • Divided up names to call for renewal and update information
  • New member submission: Becky Clark co-author of Banana Bamboozle-Peg Moved, Denny 2nd. All in favor

New Business

Mike – Christmas Party: Dec. 14th afternoon – looking for a place – contact Mike via email

Mike – Downing Award: May be reconsidered once Mike finishes dialogue with Ivy Downing. Time spent in good faith this last year; no more should be spent. Leave choice to them. Mike will contact Ivy to see if she wishes to reconsider and will contact previous applicants to see if they are still interested.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm.

(Minutes written/submitted by Cheryl Carpinello.)


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