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The CAL members listed on this page have indicated that they are available to speak on the topics listed. Please contact them directly to determine if they have the skills and experience to meet your needs.

Dianne Blomberg, Ph.D.
Denver — Children’s literature, social science research
Speaking Topics: Children’s books, writing on self help, communication, psychology

Dr. Judith Briles
Denver — Coaching and Creating Successful Authors
Speaking Topics:Creating Author and Book Platforms for Today’s Publishing Market; Social Media Marketing for You and Your Book; Publishing Predators and the Devouring of New Authors; Creating Your Book Launch

Eliza Cross
Centennial — Food, Architecture, Simple Living
Speaking Topics: Finish What You Write and Send It Off; Finding Your Voice Through Writing; The Nonfiction Book Proposal; Social Media Strategies for Authors; Blogging for Fun and Profit; Finding Balance and Simplicity in a Busy World.

Warwick Downing
Denver — Young adult fiction, adult fiction, murder mystery
Speaking Topics: Creative writing, including plotting, character development, voice, point of view; turning great ideas into books; the process of getting published

Maria Faulconer
Colorado Springs — Children’s books, magazine writing
Speaking Topics: The Making of a Picture Book from Inspiration to Final Product; Magazine Writing — In the Trenches

Mary Peace Finley
Boulder, Carbondale — Children’s, middle, young adult literature
Speaking topics: Book Talks, Research, Writing and Synchronicity, Talk-a-Plot Workshops, Teachers-as-Writers Workshops

Carol Grever
Boulder — Adult non-fiction, memoir, poetry
Speaking Topics: Poetry as Archaeology of the Soul (reading from Glimpses); “One Gay, One Straight: Complicated Marriages” (40 min. DVD + talk-back); Straight Spouse Issues; Writing as a Third Career; Crossing Genres: Books to Film to Poetry.

Rachel Kodanaz
Denver — Embracing Life’s Challenges at work and at home
Speaking Topics: Being the CEO of Your Life!; Taking Charge When a Crisis Occurs; Embracing Life’s Challenges: The Expected and Unexpected; Creating Compassionate Workplaces; Living with Loss, One Day at a Time

Tom Quinn Kumpf
Boulder — Irish history, photography and travel
Speaking Topics: Writing from Photographs; the Documentary Writer; Conflict Resolution; The Irish Political Situation (slide show); Ireland and Its People (slide show)

Mary Beth Lagerborg
Littleton — Nonfiction, Fiction
Speaking Topics: Dwelling Space: Living Fully from Home; Making Mealtimes GOOD times; Dwelling Well through the Holidays; The Writer’s Life

Sandra Lamb
Denver–book proposals, query letters, getting an agent, book deals
Speaking Topics: Etiquette, job searching, and writing any and all kinds of communications to be both effective in business and connected to people in our lives. For writers and authors, she also speaks on how to write book proposals, query letters, get an agent, and negotiate the best book deal possible.

Page Lambert
Denver — Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, humanity-related topics
Speaking Topics: The Literature and Landscape of the West; Landscapes of the Heart; Body Language: What Horses Teach Us; Place, Language and Landscape; Steinbeck: A Flash Course on Character Development; The Writer’s Destiny: Discovering Your Passion and Fueling Your Creative Fire; Exploring Perspective: Playing Around with Point of View; Back-story: How to Keep it from Taking Over; Why Ritual and Writing Go Together.

Linda LeBlanc
Westminster — Fiction, adventure, mountain climbing
Speaking Topics: Trekking Nepal, The Everest Adventure, Sherpa History and Culture, slide show on Everest and the Sherpas

Joyce B. Lohse
Centennial — Bios, Research, Family History,Women of the West
Speaking topics: Colorado Pioneers, writing biographies, Lurking In Cemeteries: A Researcher’s Guide, Women of the West, Family History: Truth & Mystery, and more.

Sharon Cairns Mann
Denver — Fiction; Serious Craft-Focused Workshops
Speaking Topics: Creativity; Mastering the Art of Short Fiction; Fiction Fundamentals; the Writer’s Toolkit; or book club discussions about my books.

Michele Morris
Denver — Food and Wine, Cooking, Travel
Speaking topics: cooking demonstrations; recipe development; how to produce a cookbook basics of food photography; food and wine pairing; travel and trip planning; Italy food, wine and culture

Kathleen Pelley
Greenwood Village — Children’s Picture Books
Speaking Topics: Nurturing a Passion for Stories, The Writing Craft

Phyllis J. Perry
Boulder — Children’s fiction, nonfiction, adult nonfiction
Speaking topics: School visits on fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books I’ve written. Writing workshops for kids. Library research skills for kids. Book talks with slide show in connection with A Kid’s Look at Colorado, and with two nonfiction adult books on Rocky Mountain National Park.

Nancy M. Peterson
Centennial–Speaker specializing in World War II Home Front
Speaking Topics: Not to be Forgiven, the World War II Home Front; profiles of accomplished Mixed-Blood Indian Women, “Footprints in Platte River History,” and “Women of the West”

Silvia Pettem
Boulder — true crime, local history
Speaking topics: Someone’s Daughter, In Search of Justice for Jane Doe; Only in Boulder, The County’s Colorful Characters; Separate Lives, The Story of Mary Rippon; Boulder, A Sense of Time and Place Revisited.

Gary Raham
Wellington — Scientific illustration, tips and inspiration for children
Speaking Topics: Confessions of a Time Traveler; Confessions of a Science-Writing Junkie; Science Writing for Children

Patricia Raybon
Denver — Inspirational workshops and keynotes for writers and believers.
Speaking Topics: Master the Memoir; Finding Your Writer’s Voice; Race, Grace & Forgiveness — Writing Our Way to Racial Healing; My Story/His Glory — Writing the Personal Essay; Decluttering With Christ — Releasing Our Homes & Hearts to Him; Moving Our Mountains With Prayer; Lavishing Our Prodigals with Love; Race, Grace & Forgiveness — From Racial Rage to Spiritual Healing.

Carol McAdoo Rehme
Loveland–Inspirational stories, essay, literary non-fiction
Speaking Topics: Write to Inspire; From Stage to Published Page (how to translate told stories to printable successes); Writing for Anthologies; Is It Soup Yet? (How to craft a Chicken Soup for the Soul series story)

Thordis Niela Simonsen
Denver—creative nonfiction, memoir, oral history, the writer-artist, Greek village life
Speaking Topics/Programs: Book club readings, The Art of Intuition: an interactive presentation; Building on memory: a one-woman multimedia show; An Odyssey of Your Own: a workshop exploration of “possibility”; Astra Writing in Greece for women writers who like to travel.

Irv Sternberg
Arvada — Thriller fiction
Speaking Topics: The Writing Process: Blood, Sweat and Fears; Researching: The Good, the Bad and the Deadly; How to Become a Published Writer at Age 62

Theresa M. Szczurek, Ph.D.
Boulder — Personal and business success strategie
Speaking Topics: Pursuit of Passionate Purpose; From $0 to $40 Million in Six Entrepreneurial Light Years; Turn Great Ideas into Innovations that Produce Real Income: Secrets to Growing Your Business; Soar: Keys to Successful Business Performance

Jacqueline Tobin
Denver — African American history
Speaking Topics: African American History; the Underground Railroad

Jodi Torpey
Denver — Gardening, writing
Speaking Topics: How to Write Better, Faster; Planting for Pollinators; Writing on Gardening

Sureva Towler
Steamboat Springs — Writing local history without getting shot
Speaking Topics: How to Research, Write and Publish Local History and Humor

Denise Vega
Denver — Children’s books, young adult novels
Speaking Topics: Writing, character development, Internet safety & blogging

Sue Viders
Lone Tree — Creating Characters, Plotting
Speaking Topics: Creating Interesting Characters, Character Archetypes, Plotting, Finding a Nonfiction Publisher, Putting Together a Card Game

Gail Waldstein, M.D.
Denver — Creative nonfiction, memoir, poetry
Speaking Topics: Starting a Writing Career Mid-Life; Medicine and Writing; Finding Your Creative Voice

Sandra Windsor
Denver – Memoir, Novel, Short Story
Speaking Topics: The FBI Wife, a Memoir of 21 years as the Wife of a Special Agent; Building a Marriage Inside a Risky Profession; Write Your Life Story; Book Club readings and presentations to women’s groups.

Mary Taylor Young
Castle Rock — Birds, wildlife, nature, environment
Speaking Topics: Secrets of A Nature Writer; Wildlife Watching For Kids; Wildlife Watching In Colorado (where, what, how, when); Colorado Backyard Birds; Colorado Birds From Prairie To Peak; Following Rivers: A Writer’s Journey


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