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CAL Membership Application

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Name: ______________________________________________________

Street Address: ________________________________________________

City, State and Zip Code: _________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________________________

Mobile: _____________________________________________________

E-mail Address: _______________________________________________

Website Address: ______________________________________________

Organizational Affiliation (if applicable): ______________________________

Position with Organization: _______________________________________

Name of sponsoring or referring CAL member, if so. ______________________

How did you hear about CAL? _____________________________________


Please write approximately 50 words about your background and anything you’d like other members to know about your writing experience, or describe your qualifications to join as an Organizational Member. If your membership is approved, this will be published in the CAL newsletter and on the CAL website to introduce you to the other CAL members.






Minimum Requirements for Application:

Select the category under which you are applying for membership:

____ Author whose book, play, other extended work one or more) has been published and paid for within 3 years of your application to CAL;

____ Professional writer with any combination of at least five pieces of non-fiction articles, short stories, essays, or poems that have been published regionally or nationally and paid for within 2 years of application to CAL:

____ Author who writes only short fiction, with at least three such pieces that have been published and paid for within 2 years of application;

____ Private or public organization, institution, business or other entity with at least one outlet, other location or resident represenative in the State of Colorado whose primary purpose is to support and/or promote literary endeavors (i.e. Organizational Member);

____Author who has not published within the currency described in the above requirements but who can present a lifetime or body of work, apply ing under the Emeritus category of membership.

Did you self-publish your work?  _____ YES   _____ NO

If your work is self-published, your published work must be available through a recognized independent bookstore, national chain bookstore, university bookstore or online bookseller. The material may be either stocked on shelves in the store or available for order through the store’s distributor, as long as that distributor represents titles in addition to your work. Please provide:

Bookstore(s) where your book(s) can be ordered:


Distributor(s) who carry your book(s):


List Published Works: (use a separate sheet if necessary)

List published works and include the title, genre, publisher, the date of publication, and whether you were paid for the work.

1. _______________________________________________________


2. _______________________________________________________


3. _______________________________________________________


Are you an employee of any of the publishers listed above? 


Additional Organizational Representatives:

Organizational Members may designate up to three persons as their participants in CAL. List up to two other representatives you wish to have to participate, if so:

1. ______________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________

Enclose with Application:

Copies of Your Published Work (see directions for self-published work)

For non-fiction articles, short stories, essays, or poems, please enclose one copy of clips, tear sheets, or scanned PDFs of your work. Clips, tear sheets and PDFs must show your byline, date of publication, and name/evidence of the publication.

For books, plays or extended works, please enclose one copy with name, ISBN number, date of publication and publisher. A play, screenplay or other extended work must show verification that the work with your byline has been produced, purchased and/or performed professionally.

For Emeritus applications for membership, please submit as complete a listing as possible of all published works so that your body of work may be evaluated in its entirety. Include the information as indicated above for non-fiction articles, short stories, essays, poems, or books.

If Work Is Self Published

Enclose as much detailed information about your work as you can including evidence of sales, press releases, endorsements, marketing plans or any other information which will enable the CAL board to evaluate your work. All self-published work must have an ISBN number printed on the book. Be sure to provide bookstore and distributor details.

Your Check

Enclose a check for $50 made out to “Colorado Authors’ League” as an application fee. The application fee covers the first partial year until regular dues are due, or all of the following year if your membership becomes effective May 1 or after. Following acceptance, annual dues of $50 must be paid at renewal date (July 1) each year to maintain membership.

Sign Application:

I hereby apply for membership in the Colorado Authors’ League (CAL) and affirm that the above information is true. I understand that satisfaction of the above Minimum Requirements for Application shall not constitute a guarantee of acceptance into CAL and that if accepted, I will be asked to read and abide by the bylaws of CAL.

Signature of applicant: ________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________________

Send Application and Published Work to:

Rachel Kodanaz, Membership Chair, 342 Cook St., Denver, CO 80206

Questions: email Rachel (at) RachelKodanaz (dot) com

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