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Colorado Book Festival – Exhibiting Author Info

September 10, 2016

11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Denver Public Library’s Main Branch Downtown
Lower Conference Level

The first COLORADO BOOK FESTIVAL, organized by the Colorado Authors’ League in conjunction with the Western History Department of the Denver Public Library, will allow authors to meet, greet, and talk with Colorado readers, and sell and sign copies of their books.

The idea, originated by the DPL’s Director of the Western History Department, Jim Kroll, is to “Celebrate Colorado’s outstanding authors, and promote literacy in Colorado.” The Western History Department of the library includes a special collection of many Colorado authors called the Colorado Authors Collection, on the main library’s fifth floor.

FEE: $25.00

Each participant will be assigned a display space within the general division of “Fiction” or “Nonfiction,” and then a more descriptive category, e.g., “Mysteries,” “Memoir,” etc. Each author will be given a tabletop area three feet wide by 18 inches deep. Authors will display their books for sale in this space, and meet and talk with readers there.


“Featured” author presentations will be scheduled throughout the day, and will take place in two breakout rooms in 30- or 45-minute sessions on the same DPL lower level. Some of the topic areas may be: mysteries; poetry; history; business; sports; children’s; cookbooks; spiritual; romance; etc.

CAL members: Please indicate on the accompanying Festival Application if you are willing to moderate, or serve on a panel.

PAYMENT: Authors, please contact Sandra Lamb if you would like to be put on a waiting list to exhibit at the festival:


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