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How to Start a Blog, Part 2
By Robert Mening, November 2017

How to Start a Blog, Part 1
By Robert Mening, October 2017

Should You Turn Your Book Into an Audiobook on Audible?
By Matt Stone, September 2017

Using SMASHWORDS to Format Your eBook
By Mark Coker, August 2017

How Authors Can Use LibraryThing
By Robert Williscroft, July 2017

A Bit of Planning and a Lot of Luck – A Graduate Course in High Adventure
By Robert Williscroft, June 2017

Spinning Gold From Straw: The Magical And Transforming Roots Of Creativity
By Page Lambert, May 2017

Poetry Opens Wide A Deep Space For The Writer’s Imagination While Healing Our Anxious Souls
by Art Elser, April 2017

How a Freelancer Out West Broke Into ‘The New Yorker’ From Afar
By Charles Bethea, March 2017

Fiction Writing: What Makes Readers Care So Deeply About Your Story’s Best Characters?
By Men with Pens, February 2017

How Far Will You Go to Get Your Story Facts Right?
By Barbara Nickless, January 2017

5 Mental Tactics to Lift Your Unfinished Writing Over Annoying Hurdles
By Nina Amir, December 2016

Sharpen Your Focus on Historic Fiction with Experimental Literary Devices
By Jerrie Hurd, November 2016

On Quitting Writing: “I Can’t Go On. I’ll Go On.”
By Becky Tuch, October 2016

How to Work a Book Festival So It Works For You
By Patricia Fry, September 2016

How to Dream Right Now to Turn Next Year Into the Best of Your Writing Life
By James Scott Bell, August 2016

Your Best Age to Write a Bestseller?
By John Yeoman, Ph.D., July, 2016

To Blog or Not to Blog: Is That the Question?
By Rachelle Gardner, June, 2016

Five-Minute Book Marketing: Smart Tips to Save You Time
By Penny C. Sansevieri, May, 2016

America’s Undocumented Poets Point Spotlight on National Poetry Month
By Patricia Raybon, April, 2016

Marcel Proust Character Questionnaire Helps Authors Probe Motivation & More
By Marcel Proust, March, 2016

Mastering the Memoir Journey
By Sharon Cairns Mann, February, 2016

Building Your Fictional World
By Janice Harding, January, 2016

Using the Might of a Novel Motif
By C.S. Lakin, December, 2015

Don’t Give Up, Says Top Children’s Author
By Nancy Bo Flood, November, 2015

How to Choose a Book Title That’s Perfect for Your Story AND Good Marketing!
By Warren Adler, October, 2015

How to Win a Writing Contest
By Joe Bunting, September, 2015

Writing Historical Fiction that Speaks to Today’s Readers
By Bruce Most, August, 2015

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, or How to Choose a Writers’ Group
By Holly Lisle, July 2015

Writing Contests: Should You Take the Plunge
By Becky Tuch, May, 2015

4 Steps to Creating an Eye Catching Book Cover
By Heather Hart, April, 2015

Must-Have Basics for Authors
By Brenda Nixon, March, 2015

6 Organization Tips for Disorganized Writers
By Suzannah Windsor, February, 2015

What Not to Miss When Drafting and Negotiating Your Book Publishing Contract
By Attorney Lloyd J. Jassin, January, 2015

How to Give Back to Other CAL Members
By the CAL Board, December, 2014

Tax Deductions for Writers
By Carol Topp, November, 2014

A Checklist of Basic Promotion Materials for Indie Authors
By Chris Robley, October, 2014

If You Don’t Read Magazines, Don’t Try to Write For Them
By Linda Formichelli, September, 2014

Five Tips on Choosing Comp Titles
By Sarah Negovetich, August, 2014

Please Don’t Blog Your Book
By Jane Friedman, July, 2014

Making the Most of Consignment Programs
By Matt Schild, June, 2014

Pitching Your Book to a Radio Station
By Outskirts Press and Margi Evans, May, 2014

Writing Recipes That Inspire Cooking
By Michele Morris, April, 2014

Mystery Writing: Tips, Pitfalls, and the “God Machine”
By Steve Berger, March, 2014

7 Tips for a Successful Book Signing
By Cheryl Carpinello, February, 2014