Tips For Sending In Member News

How To Make Sure Your Success Shows!

Thanks to all of you who regularly share your writing news, events, and successes with us. When you do, your news or event is posted on the CAL website, shared as a link on our Facebook page and finally, included in the monthly news wrap up in InPrint in the left column (with links to the posts). Send all information to the CAL Website Administrator at admin (at) coloradoauthors (dot) org.

Here are some tips to maximize this channel for publicity:

  • Send complete details for all events – date, time, location, contact information for questions, links for more information, and how to sign up.
  • For all news, keep the message succinct and crisp – long posts will have a “read more” message inserted, and readers may not click through to read the full text.
  • Always send at least one image to use, and send images as JPG or PNG files, or provide a link to a website that has the image that can be downloaded.
  • If you know how, send web-optimized crisp images– if you can’t, then send images that are high resolution so that we can work with them to optimize them for the website.
  • For new book announcements, limit the blurb to about 100 words, and include ordering links and ISBN numbers.
  • Send text within an email or as a word document– please do NOT send PDF files as they are harder to extract the content from.
  • Write the news the way you’d like it to read – if you only send sparse details you’re leaving it up to CAL to decide what to convey and it may not reflect what you want to share.
  • All news will only be shared once, but if you’d like to maximize your exposure around a news event, try breaking it into pieces – send one note for a new book announcement, send another note with book launch events, and send a final note with book reviews or awards. Spread the notes over a few weeks or months.
  • Send in news any time during the month, as it happens and is fresh. Don’t wait until the end of the month when we call for InPrint news to share your input – at that time of the month everyone’s posts get done one after another, and may be lost or buried at the bottom of the page.