Daniel A. Willis

Company Name:
Website: www.danielawillis.com
Email: daniel@danielawillis.com

Joined CAL: September 2016

D. Xander Varos (Is Trump the Antichrist? 2017)

Fiction: (genre: fantasy)
Immortal Betrayal (2011)
Immortal Duplicity (2013)
Immortal Revelation (comes out in Feb. 2018)
Prophecy of the Awakening (2017)

Nonfiction: (subject: Royal Families-History/Genealogy)
Reporter’s Guide to the Royal Families of Europe (updated annually)
The Descendants of Louis XIII (1999)
The Descendants of King George I of Great Britain (2002)
William IV, Mrs. Jordan, and the Family They Made (2010)
Legends, Half-Truths and Cherished Myths of the Drane Family (2011)
The Archduke’s Secret Family (2010)
Habsburgs in the 21st Century (2017)
The Descendants of Charles II (2012-2019) a 10-volume set
The Romanoffs 100 Years Later (comes out in Feb. 2018)

Anthologies that include my work:
Scraping the Red Sky: Fresh Colorado Authors (2014)