2014 Holiday Party Photos

Holiday Party 2014 011A Thriller Threesome: CAL President Mike Madigan (Double Dare), former board member Bruce Most (Rope Burn), and new member Darin Gibby (The Vintage Club).Holiday Party 2014 012CAL website administrator Michele Morris chatting with Cindy Rold.Holiday Party 2014 018Longtime CAL member and award-winning mystery writer Manuel Ramos
soaks up the BookBar atmosphere.Holiday Party 2014 019Doug Hawk, former CAL president, and Yvonne Montgomery share some time.Holiday Party 2014 010Former CAL president Vickie Bane and sidekick and former board member
Carol McKinley catch up on the latest gab.Holiday Party 2014 008New CAL member Mark Wolf adds his contribution to the CAL Book Box.
More than 60 children’s books were collected for the Brandon Center.Holiday Party 2014 004Kent Ira Groff and George Brantley share a story;
Nicole Weaver samples the snacks.Holiday Party 2014 002CAL members enjoy the cozy literary ambiance of the BookBar
on Tennyson Street in Denver at the annual Holiday Party.