2016 Banquet Photos

Coel-pix-(2)Margaret Coel, 2016 CAL Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Hallaren-pix-(1)Pamela Hallaren, 2016 CAL Author Advocate Award Winner
Banquet speakers Jim Davidson and Kevin Vaughn
Councilman-Kevin-Flynn-reading-the-proclamationCouncilman-Kevin Flynn reading the proclamation
cal-past-presidentsPast CAL Presidents
Back L-R: Mike Madigan, Doug Hawk, Margaret Coel, Vicki Bane, Steve Berger
Front L-R: Karen Susman, David Erickson, Judith Briles, Cindy Rold, Sandra Lamb, Bruce Most
cal-award-winners2016 CAL Award Winners
Back L-R: Patricia Raybon, Andrea Jones, Carolyn Campbell
Awards Chair Jerry Mitchell
Front L-R: Sharon Cairns Mann, Maura Weiler, Bruce Mostcal-heritage-tableCAL Heritage Table
Red vest with past presidents’ names since 1954 embroidered on it; a copy of the May 3, 1931 story announcing the formation of “the Authors League of Colorado;” an original copy of the book “Colorado” by CAL’s first president, Arthur Carhart, published in 1932; and the framed CAL Day proclamation
cal-birthday-cakeHappy 85th Birthday to CAL!