Lisa Reinicke

Company Name: Our House Publications
Phone: 303-246-9018
Address: 8551 Gold Peak Dr Unit A, Highlands Ranch, CO 80130


Joined CAL: December 2017

Specialties: Children’s Picture books ages 2-7

Skills & Media: Blogging, Voice Overs, Camera Talent

Wings and Feet
Bart’s Escape Out the Gate
David’s Christmas Wish
Arnold, the Cute Little Pig with Personality

Milliken Press
Summit County News
Denver Post Hub
Channel 9 News

Author U
Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

Gold Mom’s Choice Award for Wings and Feet

Lisa Reinicke is the majority holder of Our House Publications and author of 4 published children’s picture books for sale on Amazon and independent bookstores. Lisa was honored with the Mom’s Choice Gold Award for lifetime literary excellence for her children’s book “Wings and Feet” in 2017. She is a storyteller and author of 35 children’s stories appearing on local TV shows, elementary schools, and bookstores. The stories have been published in 3 collective recordings for distribution for A Goodnight Sleep Company. She also produced online (virtual) training for service advisors and technicians. Lisa serves as head writer and on-camera talent in the videos. Her books are entertaining yet focus on social issues that engage children and parents to discuss.  Her four children were all uniquely different ranging from physical differences, adoption, and physiological disorders that lead her following experts in each field to help children overcome the stigma around being different. Lisa passionately works raising money for charities that improve children’s lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Fleur Bradley

Company Name:

Joined CAL: September 2017

F.T. Bradley

Specialties: Middle-grade &YA mysteries, children’s books, short stories

Skills & Media: Freelance editing and writing, ghostwriting, writers conference speaking, school visits, library speaking engagements

Double Vision (HarperCollins Children’s)
Double Vision: Code Name 711
Double Vision: The Alias Men



Fleur (F.T.) Bradley is the author of the Double Vision trilogy (HarperCollins Children’s), a funny middle-grade spy adventure series School Library Journal calls, “a must-read for mystery fans, including reluctant readers.” She is the author of numerous short crime stories, and manages a freelance writing career along with a YA thriller and middle-grade novel project. She lives in Colorado Springs with her husband and two daughters, and entirely too many cats.

Barbra Cohn

Company Name: Cohn Writing Solutions
Phone: 303-447-8300
Address: 7333 Buckingham Ct., Boulder, CO 80301
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Joined CAL: October 2016

Specialties: health, travel, fiction (children) and non-fiction

Skills & Media: Magazine articles, newsletters, journals, blogging

Contributed to:
The Spinal Network
The Insulin Smart Diet
The Key to a Healthy Prostate and Andropause

Calmer Waters: The Caregiver’s Journey Through Alzheimer’s and Dementia

AAA’s Encompass Magazine
Colorado First Healing Waters
Colorado First Charming Old Towns
Colorado First Charming Old Towns Part II

Energy Times
First for Women, Delicious! Better Nutrition

Boulder Media Women

First place in Lyrical Iowa Competition, Iowa Poetry Association (1994)
Third place poetry prize, The 12th Annual Sylvia Wolens Jewish Heritage Writing Competition (2003)

Barbra has been a professional writer for 36 years, and has written hundreds of health and travel articles for national, regional, and local publications. She is also an award-winning poet. Her writing has appeared in AAA’s “Encompass,” “First for Women,” “Delicious!,” “Better Nutrition,” “Energy Times,” “Kosmos,” and numerous other magazines and newspapers. Her first book, “Calmer Waters: The Caregiver’s Journey through Alzheimer’s and Dementia” is the result of a decade of caring for her husband. Barbra lives in Boulder, Colorado where she and her late husband raised their children. In her spare time Barbra enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, and dancing salsa, tango, swing, and Israeli folkdance.

Virginia White

Phone: 303-880-4864
Address: 22173 E. Geddes Place, Aurora, CO 80016
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Joined CAL: January 2016

Specialties: children’s book series, school book readings, college application essays, presentations about the writing process

Skills & Media: working with students of various age levels

Warren the Honking Cat Saves the Day
Warren the Honking Cat and the Exciting Winter Recital

District Teacher of the Year in Cheyenne, WY
Recognized as the the teacher having the most positive influence on young leaders by the University of Wyoming
Featured in the Hub section of the Denver Post as a new Colorado author, January 2015

After 40 years of teaching English in three states, I was able to follow my dream of writing stories for young readers. In all of my books, I want young readers to feel comfortable with their own strengths and talents. Using cats with differences has been my avenue to that goal. I enjoy reading my books to elementary students and listening to their ideas of what my little honker will do next. I have two wonderful daughters and three delightful grandchildren. I live with my husband and three cats and test drive all of my writing on my grandchildren. Being an active grandmother is absolutely grand.

Dian Curtis Regan

Dian Regan

Joined CAL: November, 2014

Curtis Brown Literary Agency

Specialties: Books for Young Readers

Picture books: The Snow Blew Inn, Monster Baby
Board books: Peek-a-Boo Zoo, Nice Catch
Beginning readers: The Friendship of Milly and Tug, SpaceBoy (series, 2015)
Chapter books: The World According to Kaley, Rocky Cave Kids
Middle Grade novels: Monster of the Month Club (series), Ghost Twins (series)
Young Adult novels: Princess Nevermore, Cam’s Quest
Anthology stories: “El Golpe de Estado” (Shattered/Knopf), “Second Culture Kids” (First Crossing/Candlewick)
Plus many more…

Writers Digest
Byline Magazine
Scholastic Scope
High Five
Humpty Dumpty
Look and Listen
Children’s Digest
Oklahoma Today


Children’s Choice Awards
Junior Library Guild selections
Children’s Book of the Month Club selections
American Booksellers’ “Pick of the List”
Children’s Literature Choice Books
Los Angeles Times’ Recommended Books
New York Library’s yearly “100 Titles for Reading and Sharing”
Benjamin Franklin Award nominee
Multiple states children’s book award nominations

Dian is the author of 60 books for young readers, ranging from picture books to novels for teens. Recent and popular titles include: Princess Nevermore, The World According to Kaley, Barnyard Slam, and Rocky Cave Kids. She is a former “Member of the Year” of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and the namesake of a library in Venezuela. Dian, a Colorado native, has also lived in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and South America. In 2012, she moved home to Colorado.

Lydia Gil

Lydia Gil

Joined CAL: November, 2014

Specialties: Children’s (multicultural / bilingual)

Skills & Media: Cultural news (Spanish media)

Mimí’s Parranda/La parranda de Mimí
Letters from Heaven/Cartas del cielo

Book reviewer & cultural news reporter for Agencia EFE, Spain’s News Agency (


Jodi Bowersox

Company Name: JB Artistry
Joined CAL: 8/15/2013

J.B. Stockings for children’s books

Specialties: Children’s Picture Books and Romance Novels

Skills & Media:
Watercolor artist

A Tale of Two Kitties
The Stubborn Princess
Interiors By Design
Horses, Adrenaline, and Love
Cinnamon Girl Explains It All
Rocky Mountain Angels
Rocky Mountain Sunrise
Rocky Mountain Redemption
Ephesians: the plan, the purpose, and the power

Best in Show–2007 KPR Art Show held in Lawrence KS

Children’s / YA Books by CAL Authors

Double Vision
By Fleur Bradley

When two secret agents show up at Linc Baker’s doorstep offering to make a problem he’s caused disappear, he’s eager to listen to their deal. Turns out Linc looks exactly like one of their top kid agents—one who went missing during an important mission—and now they want Linc on the case instead. In no time Linc is undercover in Paris. It’s just too bad he isn’t a black belt, a math whiz, or a distance runner like his agent double. Linc’s really best at getting into trouble. And he’s in a lot of it. ISBN: 978-0062104380 / Amazon, B&N, HarperCollins Children’s

Double Vision: Code Name 711
By Fleur Bradley

Linc Baker thought his days spying for the super-secret Pandora agency were over. But a threat has been made on the president’s life, and Pandora wants Linc to go to Washington, DC. George Washington’s legendary coat, rumored to make its wearer invincible, is missing, and Pandora needs to find the Dangerous Double before the assassin does. Unfortunately for Linc, his by-the-book agent nemesis, Ben Green, is already on the case and making him look bad. With help from the First Daughter, Linc will have to beat Ben at his own game and stop the assassin before it’s too late. ISBN: 978-0062104410 / Amazon, B&N, HarperCollins Children’s

Double Vision: The Alias Men
By Fleur Bradley

With the annual Baker family reunion only days away, Linc expects a weekend of cousins, cars, and his mom’s terrible macaroni salad. But then secret government agency Pandora contacts him—they need Linc’s help to secure the Dangerous Double of Charlie Chaplin’s famous bowler hat before mysterious master thief Ethan Melais uses its invisibility powers for world domination. Linc agrees to join the mission. But if there’s one thing Linc should know by now, it’s that nothing is easy when it comes to being a junior secret agent—especially when you accidentally land yourself a role in a Hollywood blockbuster. ISBN: 978-0062104441 / Amazon, B&N, HarperCollins Children’s

warren-the-honking-catWarren the Honking Cat and the Winter Recital
By Virginia White

Warren the honking cat is not like his Seal Point Siamese family. He doesn’t look like them, and he doesn’t sound like them. He has discovered one other thing that is not like them. He loves music! He loves the piano, saxophone, and has a chance to play the bells at a winter concert. Bells become loose. Warren chases them. Excitement erupts. Did Warren ruin the winter concert or help create the most memorable one ever?

warrenWarren the Honking Cat Saves the Day
By Virginia White

Warren’s meow is a honk. He is different from the rest of his family. He doesn’t look quite like his Seal Point parents and siblings, and he certainly doesn’t sound like them. He wants to play kitty games, but his brothers and sisters laugh at him and run away. When he feels sad because he has to play alone, his mother says he will be important in his own way. On a backyard adventure with his family, Warren’s honk makes him important; he saves everyone from an unwanted visitor.

Look-Both-Ways-in-the-Bario-BlancoLook Both Ways in the Barrio Blanco
By Judith Robbins Rose

Her family is jeopardized, after the 12-year-old daughter of undocumented immigrants is paired in a mentoring program with a pushy, fading TV news celebrity. Candlewick Press, September 2015, ISBN: 978-1501216152 Available from, Barnes & Noble and The Tattered Cover.

Sammy-Jo-and-the-Best-Rodeo-EverSammi Jo and the Best Rodeo Ever
By Dede Stockton

Join Sammi Jo and Screech as they meet new friends and observe a most amazing event! Sammi Jo is joined by her cousin, Jake, in the newest Sammi Jo adventure, as they dive into mythology, adventure and meet many new underwater friends! Order online at:,, Barnes and,, ISBN: 978-1-68187-390-9 Or from the author directly at if you would like to have it personalized to you or your child!

Societys-TraitorThe Society’s Traitor (The Discoveries of Arthur Grey #1)
By V.K. Finnish

Eleven-year-old Arthur Grey has always wanted to be a hero, and a day has not ended right if he hasn’t dug for treasure, plotted to stop thieving magicians, or written clues in his trusty notebook. But the real excitement begins when he’s sucked through a magical transporting doorway and makes an amazing discovery: an entire society that investigates the truth behind all the legends and myths we’ve always thought were just stories. Now Arthur is launched into an adventure that takes him all the way to the jungles of Peru in search of a mysterious dragon-bird and the fabulous secret it guards. ISBN 978-1-943317-00-4 / Available at Panama Hat Publishing and (paperback only).

Minotaur-RiddleThe Minotaur Riddle (The Discoveries of Arthur Grey #2)
By V.K. Finnish

The Spyglass Squad is back at Historia, and an exciting year is waiting for them. This time twelve-year-old Arthur Grey is kept busy discovering the real legends and artifacts behind ancient myths. But the most exciting experience is Historia’s thrilling olympic games this year. That is, until new mysteries start cropping up. Strange rumors surface on the island of Crete, and a spiteful investor shows up pretending to have help for Historia. Now, Arthur and his friends dig themselves into monstrous trouble while trying to save Historia, and they can’t get out alone. But who can – or will – help? ISBN 978-1-943317-03-5 / Available at Panama Hat Publishing and (paperback only).

Eye-of-AmunThe Eye of Amun (The Discoveries of Arthur Grey #3)
By V. K. Finnish

The ancient Book of Thoth has been hiding from humankind for thousands of years. Not even the Investigators of the Historia Society have been able to find any hint of it. So, when 13-year-old Arthur Grey gets to Egypt and finds a collection of lucky charms, he has high hopes of being the one to discover the mysterious Book. That is, until the sly Rheneas Berne shows up again. Now, instead of discovering anything – even about how to control his finicky Guardian powers – Arthur finds himself surrounded by enemies and threatened no matter where he turns. ISBN 978-0-9852202-6-6 / Available at Panama Hat Publishing and (paperback only).

Sammy-Jo-and-the-Best-Day-EverSammy Jo and the Best Day Ever
By Dede Stockton

Have you ever needed a new friend? Sammi Jo desperately needs a new friend as she heads to the shore with her parents for the summer. She is an only child and plans to spend a very lonely summer at their cottage while her parents work on their latest books. Much to her surprise, she meets a new friend in a most unusual place! Sammi Jo gets to explore the sea with her new friend, Screech, as her guide. Dive into adventure with Sammi Jo as you learn about her life and how she meets her unique new friend. The book can be ordered at any online book seller like or at the author’s online store (for personalization), ISBN – 978-1-63063-830-6

Stepping Stones to the SunStepping Stones to the Sun
By Nawashani, Illustrated by Pat Wiles
A Cheyenne boy comes of age during the clash of cultures that marked America’s western frontier in the late 1800s. Stepping Stones to the Sun is told through the eyes of a Native American boy coming of age during the clash of cultures that marked America’s western frontier in the late 1800s. Facing the prospect of being sent far away to the white man’s school, where he fears he will lose his identity as a Cheyenne, and perhaps his life, Little Beaver overcomes his anger and frustration through a suspenseful encounter with a grizzly bear that Changes his destiny. ISBN: 978-1-4787-0445-4 / Available at: (Nawashani is Patricia G. Martin’s pen name.)

Too Many SecretsJust out is Phyllis J. Perry’s book for tweens, Too Many Secrets, from Custom Press. When Meg’s house burns down, she lives with Mrs. Coles, but is weighed down by her brother’s secret about the cause of the fire, Mrs. Coles’ health secrets; and secrets about the silver theft: too many secrets! Available from or at For more information, visit the author’s website at ISBN 9781492388470

Bandit the Chubby ChihuahuaBandit, The Chubby Chihuahua
By Pat Postek

Bandit, the Chihuahua was named by Jackson who adopted him from the animal shelter. Malcolm, the strange orange cat, befriends Bandit and welcomes him to the neighborhood.  Bandit and Malcolm become true friends.  Bandit’s life is changed forever by Jackson’s kindness and Malcolm’s wisdom. This adorable dog story teaches a valuable life lesson to children of all ages. ISBN: 978-0-9847487-1-6 / Hardcover $12.95 / Available at, Barnes and, The Tattered Cover bookstore, or directly from the author at her website

MyBrother Is My Best FriendMy Brother Is My Best Friend
By Nicole Weaver

Brothers are very special. Meet two brothers that do everything together. This delightful story transcends all cultural barriers. It will warm the hearts of children from all over the world. Los hermanos son muy especiales: Conozca a dos hermanos que hacen todo juntos. Esta bella historia trasciendetodas las barreras culturales. Tocará el corazóndetodos los niños del mundo. Être frère, c’est très spécial. Voici deux frères qui font tout ensemble. Cette histoire merveilleuse transcende toutes les barrières culturelles. L’histoire va réchauffer le cœur des enfants dans du monde entire. Print ISBN: 9781616334529;1616334525 / eBook ISBN: 9781616334536; 1616334533. Order from the publisher or on

Hogan that great grandfather builtThe Hogan That Great – Grandfather Built
By Nancy Bo Flood

A new book by a CAL member, Nancy Bo Flood, The Hogan That Great – Grandfather Built, has just been launched. This picture book written in simple verse describes how the Navajo hogan, or home, is more than a place to live for traditional Navajo families. Unusual and remarkable illustrations by Navajo artist, Peterson Yazzie, show how the hogan is a unique place where harmony exists, where family members return from busy jobs and distant places to gather together and celebrate. Nancy Bo Flood writes and teaches on the Navajo Reservation. She has authored several books about the southwest, the people and the geology – Navajo Year, Walk Through Many Seasons, Sand to Stone and Back Again, and Cowboy Up! Ride the Navajo Rodeo. ISBN #1893354970 Click here to pre-order or visit the authors website at

First-RainbowFirst Rainbow
By Phyllis J. Perry

This children’s picture book is based on a Native American myth of the Achomawi group who lived in northern California near the Pit River. All the animals living in the shadow of the great mountain are freezing. One icy cold week follows another. Has Silver Gray Fox forgotten them? The animals gather and choose Old Spider Woman’s two tiniest babies to climb into the sky and beg for warmth. Impressed with their bravery, Silver Gray Fox sends a rainbow to promise that spring is coming and also says spiders will forever catch tiny rainbows in their dewy morning webs. ISBN 978-1-61956-177-8 / Hard cover $ $14.95 / Available at Vesuvius, from, local bookstores, or from the author:

Wonder WorldWONDER WORLD: Friendship, a Grand Adventure
by Phyllis J. Perry

This book is aimed at readers aged 10 to 13. Offered a thirteenth birthday present of joining his grandmother for a vacation in Great Britain, Oliver quickly accepts.
Too late he learns this is a senior citizens’ tour. While taking in the sights of England,Scotland, and Wales, he becomes lost with old Mr. Hahn at Stonehenge and finds an ally in the Scots bus driver. Oliver achieves hero status when he chases a thief and recovers a purse stolen outside York Cathedral. By the time the tour ends, Oliver has forged friendships in unexpected ways in the most unpredictable places. Paperback, $11.95 / available at from, or from the author:

the stubbron princessThe Stubborn Princess
J.B. Stockings
A beautiful princess with curly hair down to her feet is the stuff of fairy tales, but what happens when the princess tires of the upkeep and stubbornly declares a hair care holiday? Mistaking her knotted hair for a nest, a large bird lays her eggs while the Princess is dozing in the garden and sets into motion an unexpected turn of events as the princess is flown far away. Getting back home will require that she focus her stubborn streak in a new direction, and getting back to normal will require she truly see herself for what she has become. ISBN-10: 1621471810 ISBN-13: 978-1621471813 Order online at

Pamela Wolf

Phone: 303-883-6650
Address: 2224 Kechter Rd., Fort Collins, CO 80528-9581

Joined CAL: 2009-10-12

Specialties: nonfiction, children’s nonfiction, poetry, inspirational

Kathryn Winograd

Winograd kathryn
Company: Arapahoe Community College/Ashland University
Phone: 303-972-3058
Address: 6751 S. Kendall Blvd., Littleton, CO 80128

Joined CAL: 2010-06-01

Specialties: Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, essays, technology in education

Skills & Media:
poetry, creative nonfiction,teacher resource books, magazines, essays, children’s poems, teaching

Phantom Canyon: Essays of Reclamation
Air Into Breath (Ashland Poetry Press)
You Can Teach Online (McGraw Hill)
You Can Learn Online (McGraw Hill)
Stepping Sideways Into Poetry (Scholastic, Inc)
Her creative nonfiction book, Phantom Canyon: Essays of Reclamation, will be released by Conundrum Press in January 2014

Cricket Magazine
The Florida Review
Fourth Genre
Hotel Amerika
Literary Mama
River Teeth
Puerto del Sol
r.kv.r.y quarterly journal
The Denver Quarterly
The Colorado Review
The Journal
The Antioch Review
The Ohio Review
The Cincinnati Review
Poets Laureate
Weber Studies
The New Yorker
Iris: A Journal Abut Women
Bloomsbury Review
The Herb Companion
Mountain Living
Natural Homes Magazine
Adjunct Advocate
Winds of Change
Converge Magazine
Cricket magazine
Shoofly: An Audio Magazine for Children

Online Credit:
A poet in the biosphere: The disjunction of lichen
On the Nature of Prose Poetry: Hummingbird or Paragraph
Bathing” as an example for In Conclusion: Tips to Create a Memorable Ending for Your Narrative Essay: Writing Center Underground
Afterward: a Draft, r.kv.r.y. quarterly literary review, essay and interview
Bathing, Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction 12(1), 2010, is available through Project MUSE; Bathing pdf
Unearthing Leetso: Yellow Monster Beneath the Four Corners of the World, River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative, v 12.1, 2010, available through Project MUSE
Talisman of the Whirlpool, essay published in Literary Mama:Readings for the maternally inclined, July 2010
Van Gogh’s Saint-Remy, poem published in Many Mountains Moving
Andre Kertesz’s Distortion #40, poem at Fusion IV
(Note to Self): The Lyric Essay, essay available at Colorado Poets Center E Words
Bar Codes and Beyond: Writers Who Teach, CAL InPrint article pdf
Dark Skies, and Finding the Well, essays published in Wazee: New Independent Writing

Other Credits:
Comparative Study into Key Issues in Online Education: national study on state policies for K12 online programs regarding funding, quality and access: Sponsored by the Colorado Department of Education, Wisconsin Virtual High School, Illinois Virtual High School, Learning Points Association (NCREL)

Enhancing Education Through Technology: creation of a statewide grant initiative on Information-based decision making and professional development for Colorado K12: Sponsored by the Colorado Department of Education

Online Course Evaluation Project, funded by Hewlett Foundation

Report on Benchmarks or Best Practices in Online Instruction: Research paper on best practices across course platforms in online learning: Sponsored by McGraw Hill Higher Education division

Academy of American Poets
Denver Women’s Press Club

“Of Wind and Fire” semifinalist for The Florida Review Editors Award and to be published in 2013
“The Lives of Cells” nominated for a Pushcart Prize 2013
On Wind and Fire, finalist for 2012 Michael Steinberg Essay Prize awarded by Fourth Genre
Interview on r.kv.r.y quarterly literary review
“The Lives of Cells” won first place in the 2011 Chautauqua poetry contest on War and Peace. Published June 2012 in Chautauqua Literary Journal
“Migrations” has won first place in the Non-Rhyming Poetry category of the 2011 Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition
“Bathing” has been named a Notable essay in The Best American Essays 2011

Her poetry won the $1000 first place prizes for the 2011 Chautauqua poetry contest on War and Peace and the 2011 Writers Digest Annual Writing Competition for non-rhyming poetry. Her poem, “The Lives of Cells,” has been nominated for a 2012 Pushcart Prize and won the 2013 Colorado Author League’s Award in Poetry. Her essay, Bathing, was named a notable essay in Best American Essays 2011 and is included, with the essay, (Note to Self): The Lyric Essay, in 6th edition of The Fourth Genre: Contemporary Writers of/an Creative Nonfiction textbook/anthology. Her essays, Heresies of the Holy and Of Wind and Fire have been finalists for the 7th and 8th Annual Fourth Genre Steinberg Essay Prize. Her essay, Elegies, was a finalist for the University of New Orleans Study Abroad Programs in Arts and Writing Writing Contest.