The Writer’s Bookshelf

WritingtheMemoirWriting the Memoir
Judith Barrington
ZenintheArtofWritingZen in the Art of Writing
Ray Bradbury
ArtistsWayThe Artist’s Way
Julia Cameron
WritingLifeThe Writing Life
Annie Dillard
Writing&SellingMysteryNovelWriting and Selling Your Mystery Novel
Hallie Ephron
OnMoralFictionOn Moral Fiction
John Gardner
WriteAwayWrite Away
Elizabeth George
EndofNovelofLoveThe End of the Novel of Love
Vivian Gornick
Situationandthestory The Situation and the Story
Vivian Gornick
writingtradeThe Writing Trade
John Jerome
OnWritingOn Writing
Stephen King
NakedDrunkWritingNaked, Drunk, and Writing
Adair Lara
ToShowandTellTo Show and to Tell: The Craft of Literary Nonfiction
Phillip Lopate
CraftofRevisionThe Craft of Revision
Donald M. Murray
shoptalkShop Talk: Learning to Write with Writers
Donald M. Murray
WarofArtThe War of Art
Steven Pressfield
nonfictionistguide The Nonfictionist’s Guide
Robert Root
Robert Root
PlantDreamingDeeplyPlant Dreaming Deep
May Sarton
Jim Sheeler
OneContinuousMistake One Continuous Mistake: Four Noble Truths for Writers
Gail Sher
10StepstoCreatingMemorableCharacters10 Steps to Creating Memorable Characters
Sue Viders, Lucynda Storey, Cher Gorman, Becky Martinez
TheyWentThey Went: The Art and Craft of Travel Writing
William Zinsser, Ed.
OnWritingWellOn Writing Well
William Zinsser