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Colorado Authors’ Book Offers Instant Inspiration for the Writer
Published by Ghost Road Press March 2006
$15.95, 8.5 x 5.5” trade paperback, 116 pages ISBN #0-9778034-0-6
Contact: Joy Overbeck, or Sally Stich,

“Colorado is fertile ground for literary inspiration, and for more than seven decades, the Colorado Authors’ League has nurtured the literary spark. Writing, Etc. represents CAL’s ongoing commitment to helping the careers of beginning and experienced writers.”

–John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado

The talent behind Writing, Etc. is impressive. It includes such Colorado Authors’ League notables as Margaret Coel, author of a New York Times best-selling Arapaho mystery novel series; Vickie Bane, correspondent for People Magazine; Tom Noel, Denver history author and popular Rocky Mountain News columnist; Sally Stich, national speaker at writing seminars and Woman’s Day Contributing Editor, and over 80 more professionals. The contributors’ specialties and insights into the writing life cover a wide range of fiction and nonfiction, from poetry, plays and scripts, to memoir, nature and history, travel, spiritual and self-help, plus essays and magazine articles of every type.The Colorado Authors League, a 250-plus-member organization of professional wordsmiths founded 75 years ago, has launched Writing, Etc., a must-have for the aspiring, novice, or seasoned writer. This savvy collection of inspiration, advice and strategies is sure to bring anyone’s writer’s voice to life. The authors share their personal secrets in over 250 tips on craft, creativity, work habits, marketing, money, dealing with agents and editors, and more, each proven and field-tested in their successful real-life careers. The book also offers a valuable resource list of national and Colorado writers’ organizations, classes, conferences, and recommended reading.

Because the published writers of the Colorado Authors’ League are committed to spreading their knowledge, the CAL website offers speakers in any genre who will present writing mini-workshops or talks at local libraries, English classes, book clubs, and other forums. Please visit and click on Speakers to locate writers in your area.

Selected Tips and Excerpts from Writing, Etc

“I cast my novels as if I were assembling the dinner party from hell. I don’t want my characters to get along. I want them to bring out the best and worst  in each other, to be engines of growth and change. Each also must earn his or her way into the story by revealing a new dimension of the protagonist.”
–Stephanie Kane, author, Denver

“To learn to capture effective dialogue, writers need to learn to listen. To develop an ear for how people actually speak, carry a notebook with you and eavesdrop when you’re at the hair salon, supermarket, coffee shop. Write down the things people say, and the way they actually say them. Like, it might totally blow you away.”
–Shari Caudron, author and writing coach, Denver

“Good writing skills alone do not guarantee success in the freelance world. I’ve met many talented writers or wannabe writers who have never published or have published only little. What often separates successful writers from wannabes is sheer resolve, hard work, and passion. Successful writers simply love writing and freelancing and are not deterred by setbacks and rejections. They’ll succeed where more talented writers fail because they’re hungrier.”

–Bruce W. Most,freelance writer and novelist, Denver

Praise for Writing, etc.

“Have you ever wanted to pick the brains of accomplished authors, and find out how they first got published and whether they can make a living at their craft? It’s inspiring to read the tips and strategies of people who’ve been there. Every writer should read Writing, Etc.”
-Reggie Rivers, author of 4th and Fixed

“An a to z collection of information you’d have to write for a century or so to discover on your own.
(And writing’s too hard to endure for a hundred years.)”
–Russell Martin, author of The Sorrow of Archaeology, Picasso’s War, and Beethoven’s Hair

“Writing, Etc. is a compendium of advice for writers at all levels, by working and published authors. The diversity and depth of advice provides a wealth of information. I love it.”
–Jennie Shortridge, author of Eating Heaven and Riding with the Queen

“This book is a portable symposium on the art and craft of writing. You’ll be happy to have it, and you’d be smart to keep it beside your favorite writing space.”
–Luis Alberto Urrea, author of The Hummingbird’s Daughter and The Devil’s Highway

“This is a great collection of ideas that have worked, advice that’s real-world tested, and practical suggestions that inspire.” 
–Manuel Ramos, author of Ballad of Rocky Ruiz and Moony’s Road to Hell

“I’d adopt this handy compilation for all my writing classes, freshmen to advanced courses. It provides lessons that are easy to digest and are encouraging.”
–Sandra Maresh Doe, Ed.D., Professor of English, Metropolitan State College

“These pages contain the wisdom of writers who’ve learned their lessons the hard way. Both beginners and experienced writers will benefit from their insights.” 
–Karen Quinn, author of The Ivy Chronicles and Wife in the Fast Lane


“A treasure trove of practical techniques, wisdom from the pros, and inspiration galore. Indispensable for new writers, yet valuable for veterans.”

–Marilyn Ross, co-author of The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing

Writing, etc.  is now available at the Tattered Cover in LoDo, Highlands Ranch, and Cherry Creek, the Boulder Bookstore, and at other independent bookstores across the state. Or, to order your book today, visit

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