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CAL Award 2019 Finalists announced!

 | Published on 5/13/2019

Colorado Author’s League

Best of 2018

List of Finalists (in alphabetical order)


1.  POETRY, SINGLE POEM                                                                                                       

  • Art Elser, Four Massive Horses Stand Quietly
    • Dan Guenther, Seventy Miles Outside of Denver
    • Dan Guenther, The Whale Watcher's Road, Moreton Bay   


  • Carolyn Evans Campbell, What Kind of Love Was That?
  • Joseph Murphy, Having Lived                                                                      
  • Rosemerry Watola Trommer, Naked for Tea


  • Lou Dean, Work In Progress
  • Patricia Raybon, Your Best Years Are Not Behind You                                                       
  • Penny Rafferty Hamilton, A Pink Warrior Shares Insights from Her Oncology Odyssey


  • Aaron LaPedis, A Boy Named Penguin: Different is the New Perfect
  • Lisa Reinicke, Football Flyboy
  • Phyllis Perry, All About Julia Morgan          

6.  CHILDREN’S/YOUNG ADULT: Chapter book, Fiction or Non-Fiction               

  • Phyllis Perry, Missing Bones
  • Sarah Byrn Rickman, BJ Erickson: Wasp Pilot        
  • Virginia K. White, Glasses for Margie7. 

7.  ADULT NOVEL                                                                                                            

  • Category A: Romance         
    • Jodi Bowersox, Mars Madness
    • Sheri Cobb South, The Desperate Duke                                                                   
  • Category B: Mystery, Crime, Suspense                             
    • Cynthia Swanson, The Glass Forest
    • J.A. Turley, The Hole Truth
    • John E. Stith, Pushback
  • Category C: Science Fiction, Fantasy
    • Jane H. Bock & Carl E. Bock, Swamp Guide
    • R. Gary Rahan, A Once Dead Genius in the Kennel of Master Morticue Ambergrand
    • Todd Fahnestock, Charlie Fiction
  • Category E: Western           
    • Ellen Kingsman Fisher, Hill's Gold               
    • J.M. Mitchell, Killing Godiva's Horse
  • Category F: Literary
    • Courtney Miller, Ghili, The Chief Named Dog
    • Maralee McLean, Prosecuted But Not Silenced
    • Sheldon Friedman, The Silk Swan
  • 10.  NON-FICTION
    • Category A: Cookbooks, Travel, Self Help, Health and Fitness, etc.
      • Aaron LaPedis, The Garage Sale Millionaire
      • Kelly Robbins , Trust Your Next Step
      • Michele Morris, Poco a Poco
    • Category B: Historical         
      • Denny Dressman, Beyond the Camps
      • Jeffrey B. Miller, WWI Crusaders
      • Judi Buehrer, Two Years in Moscow                        
      • Liz Morton Duckworth, Poker Alice Tubbs: The Straight Story
  • 11. E-BOOK             
    • Claudia Cangilla McAdam, Beckoning
    • Lisa Reinicke, Football Flyboy
    • Margaret Mizushima, Burning Ridge
  • 13. SCREENPLAY/STAGEPLAY           
    • Bruce Leaf, Sea Change
    • Jennie MacDonald, A Merry Widow or Two
    • M.J. Evans & Jalynn Venis, Heart of a Mustang
    • Aaron LaPedis, A Boy Named Penguin: Different is the New Perfect
    • K.M. Ecke, Moral Panic                               
    • Lisa Reinicke, Bart's Escape Out the Gate


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