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Attention Book Illustrators and Cover Designers!

Colorado Authors League has long been about the business of storytelling, and now we’re opening our membership to include those who tell stories through art!

Book Illustrators and Cover designers, we invite you to apply for membership and take advantage of the rich benefits that CAL provides its members from friendship to promotion

to a chance to win your very own CAL award for Illustration or Cover Design!

We want to promote your work, click HERE to see just one of the ways.

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June 22 Mountain of Authors, CO Springs

July 21 CAL Awards Celebration

Nov 22-24 Denver Christmas Show

Dec. 7-8 Georgetown Christmas Market

Dec. 14-15 Georgetown Christmas Market

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April 18-21, 2024 Readers Take Denver

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July 19-20, 2024 Writing Heights Conference

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Sept 27-29, 2024 Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

Margi J Evans

Margi Evans has been named CAL's 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Michael Peever

Michael Peever, with the Colorado State Library, has been named CAL's 2024 Author Advocate

Introducing the CAL Speakers' Bureau

Are you searching for a speaker for your special event or book club? Look no further! Click HERE to find a Colorado author to fit your needs.

In the spotlight: Judy Ann White

Judy White

I am a native of Colorado and I earned a degree from the Colorado Institute of Art and attended Metropolitan State University.

I love the outdoors, the change of seasons, nature, my family and being creative. I spend as much time outdoors as possible any time of year. I have combined my love of nature and creativity to create my books. My books are not finalized until they are critiqued and approved by children, my little granddaughters.

My first book, “Little bird” is based off a real bird outside of the window who would come and go as the seasons change. Adventurous Little Bird lives in the backyard of a little girl who loves him. Once the weather turns cold and snowy, she cannot find him. She searches everywhere for him. Where did he go? Will he return?

My second book, “Little Bird 2” is a heartwarming story about the friendship of Little Bird and Martha Mouse. In this book we find out where Little Bird goes during the chilly winter months when he is away from his cozy nest in his tree. Illustrations are of not only of the beautiful outdoor scenery but also the fascinating home in the bottom of the tree. Other wildlife in my books represent animals that have come to visit my backyard. Both books have

large print for easier reading.

For my career, I work as an executive assistant at one of the highest-ranking children’s hospitals in the country.

My love for children, the outdoors, wildlife and being creative have all inspired me to write and craft my children’s picture books. I am overjoyed that I was able to accomplish this!

I am fairly new to being an official children’s book author/illustrator. I have wandered around this process but have been able to start a journey that has been surprising and very unexpected.

After having my books published on Amazon, I was accepted into the Colorado Authors Program through the Tattered Cover Book Store. My books appeared in one of their stores for several months. I was then invited to attend my first official book signing at their store. As I sat at a vintage desk, that had been used by many famous authors over the past few decades for their book signings, I found myself in awe that I was able to accomplish being at my own official book signing seated at this very same vintage desk. This was a dream come true.

After meeting a fellow author at the book signing, I noticed she was part of the Colorado Authors League (CAL). I could tell that she was successful. That is when I decided to join CAL. I feel so honored to be part of this amazingly talented, creative, and knowledgeable group. I have already learned so much and will be using the many resources available through this group. I am excited to attend some of the events and forge new friendships along the way.

I have more books on the horizon, and I am extremely excited to see where this journey leads.

Contact info:

Congratulations to CAL Members Named As Finalists

in the Colorado Book Awards!

The Colorado Book Awards are presented by Colorado Humanities and Center For the Book.

Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other: A Love Story


Brynn & Sebastian Hate Each Other

by Bethany Turner

Autumn of the Big Snow


Autumn of the Big Snow

by Lou Dean

Not Quite Dead Geniuses at Large on an Angry Planet

Sci Fi / Fantasy

Not Quite Dead Geniuses At Large on An Angry Planet

by R. Gary Raham

Surviving Daybreak

Young Adult

Surviving Daybreak


Kendra Merritt

Paradise Undone

Historical Fiction

Paradise Undone


Annie Dawid

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2024 booth Anderson, Bowersox, Scheuermann, Frisbie

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CAL Authors Release New Books!


An archeologist must stop a century-old crime to save his daughter.

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A novel about the power of friends and family.

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Can Darcy find answers before more innocent people are dragged into the violence?

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A collection of poetic snapshots of a long life, well lived.

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A whimsical bedtime story.

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They just have to find Tera. And make her a Giant killer.

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Every choice has cosmic consequences.

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Jake is drawn ever deeper into a morass of treachery, danger, and tragedy.

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She was counting on a miracle and one deluded Dragon. Was she out of her mind? 

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If When Harry Met Sally had a love child with Gilmore Girls' Luke and Lorelai, you'd get Cole and Laila.

Available on Amazon


 A story of mass migration as relevant today as it has been since humans walked out of Africa.

Available on Amazon


A fascinating and meaningful integration of recovery ideas.

See it here!


Lance Bear Wolf's Origin Story

Find it Here!


A magical quest within a hidden world.

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Dreamer. Wannabe. Overnight success. Catastrophic failure. Writer.

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And Publish Plays, Essays, Articles, and Poems!

Cassi Clark Ward-Hunt has published her first short story, "The Woman Who Planted Men" at

Read it here!

An Interview with CAL poet and former Colorado Poet Laureate Joseph Hutchison can be found at:


Gregory SETH Harris' poem "After the Flood" was published by Lightwood.

Kathryn Winograd's essay, "Mist Nets: After the Uvalde Shooting," is now posted at Another essay, "Floating in the Riparian," can be read at Shanti Arts!


Theresa Crater's story "Sugar Plum Faeries," part of the Spirit Springs series can be found at On Winter Solstice, can Willow find the Heart of Spirit Springs in time to save the town's magic?

An essay by Petra Perkins, "What Oppenheimer Didn't Show," appears in Elephant Journal. Find it here: 


What is Bibliotherapy

  • Storytelling has been integral to the human experience for over 40,000 years.
  • Reading fiction can build empathy, enhance theory of mind, and improve social skills.
  • Research shows that bibliotherapy can help children overcome anxiety, depression, and aggression.

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CAL Authors In Action

Helping Students

In 2020, CAL members joined together to create a book of writing prompts for students of all ages.

Paperback and Kindle versions available on Amazon

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Helping the Community

CAL authors often contribute to Little Free Libraries!

Little Library 2021

The CAL Awards

The CAL Awards are now closed. They will reopen for a new submission year on Nov. 1, 2024

The CAL Awards isn't just about books. We also have categories for published Poetry, Essays, Short Stories, Articles, Illustration, Plays, Screen Plays, and Cover Design!

Find out more HERE

Finalists will be announced in June.

CAL Awards Celebration will be held in July.

Barb Lundy was the 2023 CAL Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Watch Barb at the Awards

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79th Annual CAL Awards, presented by Jodi & Kevin Bowersox

80th Annual CAL Awardss, presented by Jody Pritzl

81st Annual CAL Awards, presented by Jodi Bowersox, Laurie Marr Wasmund, and Claire Fishback

82nd Annual CAL Awards, presented by Jodi Bowersox, Laurie Marr Wasmund, and Kathryn Winograd

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