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Home21st Century Award Winners


Where Sunday Used To Be

by Daniel Klawitter


"Octopus on a Sea Dock"

by Kathryn Winograd


Blue-Eyed Devil

by Jodi Bowersox

Cover Design

by Tristan Bowersox


Monty and Rose Return to Montrose

by Tamima Itani

Cover by Anna-Maria Crum


Up in the Air

by J.B. Stockings

Illustrated by Gaspar Sabater


Louie's Lent

by Claudia Cangilla McAdam


"Close Encounter: Confessions"

by Petra Perkins


Daybreak on Raven Island

by Fleur Bradley


A Light in the Forest

by Melissa Payne


The Chimera Club

by Chuck Greaves


In the Family Way

by Sheri Cobb South


"Live Oaks"

by Carol Ann Wilson


"Stained Glass Needs Saving"

by Susan A. Fletcher


The Pain Bearer

by Kendra Merritt


Break Heart Canyon

by Gini Rifkin


Brighter than the Flames

by Stefan Scheuermann


Desert Rainbow

by Scott Bowman


The King in the Tower

by Kendra Merritt


Wild Times & True Tales From the High Plains

by Matt Vincent


Recorder of Deeds

by Catherine Underhill Fitzpatrick


Fatal Recall

by Gini Rifkin


The Oort Federation: To The Stars

by Robert G. Williscroft


Light and Life: First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs at 150 Years

by Susan A. Fletcher



Under Sleep's New Moon

Poetry Collection

Under Sleep's New Moon

by Joseph Hutchison

Food for Thought: Essays on Mind and Spirit

Prose Collection

Food For Thought


Jerry Fabyanic

All Around Dogs

Children's Picture Book

All Around Dogs


Dolly Viscardi

Bonnie In-Between


Bonnie In-Between


Linda L. Osmundson

A Matter of Blood

Young Adult

A Matter of Blood

by Kendra Merritt

Searching for closure


Searching For Closure


Iona Morrison

Red Rabbit


Red Rabbit On The Run


Jodi Bowersox

How to Book a Murder

Cozy Mystery

How To Book A Murder


Cynthia Kuhn

The Mermaid Broker


The Mermaid Broker


Sue Hinkin

Demon Riding Shotgun

Sci Fi / Fantasy

Demon Riding Shotgun


L.R. Braden

Khyven the Unkillable

Epic Fantasy

Khyven the Unkillable


Todd Fahnestock


Historical Fiction

The Only Way Home


Jeanette Minniti

Demon Riding Shotgun


Demon Riding Shotgun


L.R. Braden


Literary / Mainstream



Bob Seay

Of Books and Beasts

General Nonfiction

Of Books and Beasts


Matt Bille

Colorado Phantasmagorias

Historical Nonfiction

Colorado Phantasmagorias


Joan Jacobson

Ordinary Magic

Biography / Memoir

Ordinary Magic


Todd Fahnestock

Cover Design: Juvenile

"E" is for Eucharist


Anna-Maria Crum

Defined by Fire

Cover Design: Adult

Defined by Fire

by John Rabins

Designer, Terry Dugan

Single Poem


by Valerie Szarek


"In the Land of Sky Blue Weather: The Mystery of the Blue Bird Club Photo Album"


Kayann Short

Short Story

"Parachute Drop"


Joey Porcelli

Essay: General / Commentary

"Fireworks in Hong Kong"


Carol Ann Willson

Essay: Personal

"Ms. Suzy & Mom"

by Petra Perkins

Bruce Most 2013 close up

Lifetime Achievement Winner

Bruce W. Most

Bruce Most 2013 close up

Author Advocate Winner

Kevin Simpson, editor of the Colorado Sun

When You Know What I Know

Poetry Collection



Kika Dorsey

When You Know What I Know

Prose Anthology

Beauty From Ashes


Kristen Paris

I Will Dance

Children's Picture Book

I Will Dance


Nancy Bo Flood

Joe Nigg

Middle Grade

When You Know What I Know


Sonya K. Solter

The Forge of Bonds

Young Adult

The Forge of Bonds


Wendy Terrien

The Diamond Diva Vendetta


The Diamond Diva Vendetta


Jodi Bowersox

Killer Chardonnay

Mystery: Suspense

Gone to Darkness


Barbara Nickless

Killer Chardonnay

Mystery: Cozy

Killer Chardonnay


Kate Lansing

Brother Can You Spare a Crime


Brother Can You Spare a Crime?


Sheri Cobb South

crimes of the sasquatch

Science Fiction

The Sasquatch Series


L. V. Ditchkus

Tower of the Four


Tower of the Four: The Champions Academy


Todd Fahnestock

Falling Forward, a Woman's Journey West

Historical Fiction

Falling Forward


Pat Jurgens

ghost tour


Ghost Tour


Claryn Vaile

The Perfect Stranger


The Perfect Stranger


Gregory SETH Harris

Eight Weeks to a complete novel

Nonfiction: Lifestyle/Travel/How-To

Eight Weeks to a Complete Novel


Becky Clark

Exploring the history of childhood

Nonfiction: History

Exploring the History of Childhood and Play


Susan A. Fletcher

Sand Creek

Nonfiction: History

Sand Creek and the Tragic End of a Lifeway


Louis Kraft

Joe Nigg

Nonfiction: Biography/Memoir

Grand Mal


Robert V. Dodge

Irish Town

Cover Design

Irish Town

by Matthew Meagher

Cover by Katerie Kramer

Joe Nigg

Lifetime Achievement Winner

Joe Nigg

Single Poems

"Soar Ready" "There's No Place" "Christmas Cactus"


Valarie Szarek 

Feature Article


"Choisin Reservoir Champaign:
Battle Perspectives From Marines Who Were There"


Irv Sternberg 


"The Girl From Coke"


Carol Ann Wilson 

Blog Post 

"Lame History Classes, Meeting O.J., and My Reckoning With Racism"


Eliza Cross 


Short Story

"The Crystal Dome"


Daniel Willis


Single Poem: Valarie Szarek "This Winter's Day"

Poetry Collection: Jared Smith That's How it Is

Feature Article: Lou Dean "Blue Mountain Summers"

Essay: R. Gary Raham "Curing the Bindweed Blues"

Children's Picture Book: Linda Osmundson Papa's Choices

Child/Juvenile Chap Book: Jim & Stephanie Kroepfl Merged

Romance: Harper McDavid Zapata

Mystery/Crime/Suspense: Barbara Nickless Ambush

Science Fiction/Fantasy: M.H. Boroson The Girl With No Face

Western: Cindy Maynard Soyola

Literary/Mainstream: Melissa Payne The Secret of Lost Stones

Short Story: Amy Hempe Finding the Perfect Sandy

Non-fiction: Jody Pritzl Immigrants, Ornaments, and Legacies

Non-fiction, Historical: Mary Taylor Young I Found You in the Mountains

Screenplay: Bruce Leaf Pinto

Cover Design: Mary Taylor Young I Found You in the Mountains

Lifetime Achievement Award: Mary Taylor Young

Single Poem: Dan Guenther "The Whale Watcher’s Road, Moreton Bay"


Poetry Collection: Carolyn Evans Campbell What Kind of Love Is That?


Essay: Penny Rafferty Hamilton "A Pink Warrior"


Children's Picture Book: Phyllis Perry Missing Bones


Child/Juvenile Chap Book: Phyllis Perry All About Julia Morgan


eBook, fiction: Margaret Mizushima "Burning Ridge"


Romance: Sheri Cobb South The Desperate Duke


Mystery/Crime/Suspense: J.A. Turley The Hole Truth


Science Fiction/Fantasy: Jane H. & Carl E. Bock Swamp Guide


Western: J.M. Mitchell Killing Godiva's Horse


Literary/Mainstream: Courtney Miller Gihli, The Chief Named Dog


eBook, non-fiction: Lisa Reinicke Football Flyboy

Non-fiction, Memoir: Michele Morris Poco a Poco

Non-fiction, Historical: Jeffrey B. Miller WWI Crusaders

Screenplay/Stage play: Jennie MacDonald A Merry Widow or Two

Cover Design: Scott Johnson & Aaron LaPedis A Boy Named Penguin

Lifetime Achievement Award: Rex Burns

Author Advocate Award: Nicole Sullivan, Book Bar owner


Single Poem: Constance E. Boyle "Like a Seam"

Poetry Collection: Art Elser A Death at Tollgate Creek

Feature Article: Lou Dean "Keepers Return"

Essay: Pam Moore "The Truth About My Life With Bell's Palsy"

Children's Fiction: Caroline Stutson Blue Corn Soup

Child/YA Non-fiction: Natasha Wing When Jackie Saved Grand Central


YA Fiction: Todd Mitchell The Last Panther


Genre Fiction: Barbara Nickless Dead Stop


Literary/Mainstream: Peg Brantley Trafficked


Creative Non-fiction: Peter Anderson Heading Home Field Notes




General Non-fiction: Chad Gordon Wealth by Virtue

Screenplay/Stage play: Jalynn Venis Parrish


Lifetime Achievement Award: Tom Noel


Author Advocate Award: Jeff Lee & Ann Marie Martin, Founders of Rocky Mountain Land Library


Single Poem: Carol Grever "Stones"


Poetry Collection: Art Elser High Plains Register


Feature Article: Mary Taylor Young "The Embodiment of Wild"


Essay: Susan J. Tweit "No Species is an Island"


Blog: Susan J. Tweit 

Children's Fiction: Nancy Oswald Trouble Returns

Child/YA Non-fiction: Beth Walker Princess Monori

YA Fiction: Nancy Bo Flood Soldier Sister, Fly Home

Genre Fiction: Barbara Nickless Blood on the Tracks

Literary/Mainstream: Darrin Gibby Gil

Creative Non-fiction: Sandra Windsor FBI Wife: A Memoir

General Non-fiction: Jane Bock Forensic Plant Science

eBook: Carol Grever Turnings: Reflections on a Conscious Life

Lifetime Achievement Award: Phyllis Perry

Author Advocate Award: Jim Kroll, Denver Public Library--Western History Dept.


Single Poem: Dan Guenther "When the Owl Came to Gunnamatta Park"

Poetry Collection: Lois Beebe Hayna Moon-Hung Midnights

Feature Article: Jan Reeder "A New Breed of Therapy"

Essay: Patricia Raybon "After Charleston"

Blog: Andrea Jones "Between Urban and Wild"

Children's Fiction: Claudia Cangilla McAdam The Mermaid's Gift

YA: Beverly Jones War Bonds

Genre Fiction: Bruce Most Murder on the Tracks

Literary/Mainstream: Maura Weiler Contrition

Short Fiction: Sharon Cairns Mann "Knife River Flint"

Creative Non-fiction: Carolyn Evans Campbell Flying with El Condor

General Non-fiction: Heather Hanson Prophets and Moguls, Rangers and Rogues, Bison and Bear

Lifetime Achievement Award: Margaret Coel

Author Advocate Award: Pamela Hallaren, Arapahoe Library District


Single Poem: Lois Beebe Hayna "Lagniappe"

Feature Article: Denny Dressman "Next on the Tee: Lewis & Clark"

Essay: Ellen Nordberg "The Ambivalent Mother"

Children's Fiction: Lydia Gil Letters From Heaven

YA: Linda LeBlanc No Summit Out of Sight

Genre Fiction: Mark Stevens Trapline

Literary/Mainstream: J.M. Mitchell The Height of Secrecy

Short Fiction: Sharon Cairns Mann "Pockets"

Creative Non-fiction: Julene Bair The Ogallala Road: A Memoir of Love and Reckoning

General Non-fiction: Mary Taylor Young Rocky Mountain National Park: The First 100 Years

Lifetime Achievement Award: Clive Cussler

Author Advocate Award: Margaret Coval & Josephine Jones, Center for the Book


Single Poem: Art Elser "We Leave the Safety of the Sea"


Feature Article/Essay: Gary Raham "Alive and Aloft in the Aeolian Zone"


Blog: Susan J. Tweit "Choose Happiness. Love all Life."


Children's Fiction: Phyllis J. Perry The First Rainbow

YA: Todd Mitchell Backwards

Genre Fiction: Bruce Most Rope Burn

Literary/Mainstream: Nancy Peterson Not To Be Forgiven

Short Fiction: Twist Phelan "Footprints in the Water"

Creative Non-fiction: Joe Nigg Sea Monsters

General Non-fiction: Michele Morris Tasting Colorado: Favorite Recipes from the Centennial State

Lifetime Achievement Award: Lois Beebe Hayna

Author Advocate Award: Joyce Meskis


Single Poem: Kathryn Winograd "The Lives of Cells"


Poetry Collection: Carol Grever Glimpses: A Memoir in Poetry


Feature Article: Lou Dean "First Out of the Gate"



Essay: Bruce Berger "Mysterious Fast Mumble"


Blog: Page Lambert "All Things Literary"

Middle Grade/YA: Pamela Mingle Kissing Shakespeare


Short Fiction: JB Winsor "The Lover"

General Non-fiction Carol McAdoo Rehme Finding the Pearl: Unstoppable Passion, Unbridled Success


Single Poem: Constance E. Boyle "dance 101"


Feature Article: Joy Overback "Who Do They Call?"


Essay: Page Lambert "A Shape-Shifting Land"


Children's Fiction: Kathleen T. Pelley Raj, the Bookstore Tiger

Genre Fiction: Sandy Whelchel Fox & Geese

Literary/Mainstream: JB Winsor River Stone

Creative Non-fiction: Kathy & Ron Hendricks The Long Road to Oklahoma

General Non-fiction: Caroline Dow Tea Leaf Reading For Beginners: Your Fortune in a Teacup


Single Poem: Bruce Berger "Agitato"

Poetry Collection: Dan Guenther The Crooked Truth

Feature Article: Sean McCollum "Country Outposts"

Essay: Susan J. Tweit "Lighting the Darkness"

Children's Fiction: Caroline Stutson Cat's Night Out

Middle Grade/YA: Nancy Bo Flood Warriors in the Crossfire

YA: Sean McCollum Joseph Stalin

General Non-fiction: Silvia Pettem Only in Boulder: The County's Colorful Characters 


Single Poem: Bruce Berger "Expulsion"

Essay: Bruce Berger "Discalced"

Feature Article: Joy Overbeck "A Dog's Life: the Hard Working Canines of the Vail Valley"

Children's Fiction: Denise Vega Grandmother, Have the Angels Come?

Middle Grade/YA: Laura Resau The Indigo Notebook

Genre Fiction: Dan Guenther Glossy Black Cockatoos

Children/YA non-fiction: Joyce B. Lohse General William Palmer: Railroad Pioneer

General non-fiction: Michael Madigan Heroes, Villains, Dames & Disasters

Creative non-fiction: Linda Tate Power in the Blood: A Family Narrative


Single Poem: Bruce Berger "Omniscient Eye"

Feature Article: Joy Overbeck "Final Roundup"

Essay: Julene Bair "Out In The Cold"

Children's Fiction: Phyllis J. Perry Clue School, The Ghost in the Music Room 

Middle Grade/YA Fiction: Denise Vega Fact of Life Number #31

Middle Grade/YA Fiction: Wick Downing The Trials of Katie Hope

Middle Grade/YA Non-fiction: Victoria Hanley Seize the Story

Genre Fiction: Lynda Hilburn Dark Harvest

Literary/Mainstream: D.J. Murphy A Thousand Veils

Adult Short Fiction: Manuel Ramos "The 405 is Locked Up"

Creative Non-fiction: Heather J. Hansen Disappearing Destinations

General Non-fiction: Phyllis J. Perry It Happened in RMNP

How-to Non-fiction: Elaine Long The Caregiver's Choice

Specialty Nonfiction (film): Carol Grever One Gay, One Straight


Single Poem: Tom Kumpf "Two Sides: Haiku and Other Words"

Essay: Carol McAdoo Rehme "Of Trifles and Truffles"

Feature Article: Susan Tweit "Creating Buzz"

Children's Fiction: Ann Whitehead Nagda Tarantula Power

Middle Grade/YA Non-fiction: Laura Resau Red Glass

Genre Fiction: Irv Sternberg No Laughing Matter

Children's Non-fiction: Phyllis Perry Field Guide to Ocean Animals

General Non-fiction: Liz Holzemer Curve Ball: When Life Throws You A Brain Tumor

Specialty Nonfiction: Dan Guenther Dodge City Blues Instructor Guide


Poetry Collection: Chris Ransick Lost Songs and Last Chances

Feature Article: Cameron Burns "Walking on the (Mountains of the) Moon"

Essay: Shari Caudron "When in Jordan"

Children's Picture Book: Debbie Dadey The Great Green Gator Graduation

Middle Grade/YA Fiction: Laura Resau What the Moon Saw


Literary/Mainstream: Elizabeth Wrenn Around the Next Corner


Adult Short Fiction: Gail Waldstein "Garlic"


Specialty Writing: Bruce Berger Oasis of Stone

Children's Non-fiction: Joe Nigg as "John Topsell" How to Raise and Keep a Dragon

General Non-fiction:Eliza Cross Casteneda Family Home of the New West

Narrative Nonfiction: Sureva Towler The Boys at the Bar


Poetry Collection: Lois Beebe Hayna Keeping Still


Feature Article: Cameron Burns "For the Least Among Us"


Essay: Gail Waldstein, M.D. "Singing in the Ear Canal"


Children's Non-fiction: Ann Whitehead Nagda Panda Math: Learning About Subtraction

YA Fiction: Nancy Bo Flood Puppets Without Strings


Children's Picture Book: Linda Arms White I Could Do That! Esther Morris Gets Women The Vote


Middle Grade Fiction: Claudia Mills Makeovers by Marcia


Children's Fiction: Nancy Bo Flood A Hundred Coconuts and a Top Hat

Genre Fiction: Christie Golden In Stone's Clasp

Short Fiction: Lee Patton "Progress Toward a Proof"

General Non-fiction: Eliza Cross Castaneda Food Lovers' Guide to Colorado: Best Local Specialties

Narrative Non-fiction: Bruce Berger The Complete Half-Aspenite

Specialty Writing: Mary Taylor Young Neighborhoods In Nature


Single Poem: Bruce Berger "Desert Boots"

Feature Article: Cameron M. Burns "Having a Blast"

Essay: Sureva Towler "Sex After Sixty"

Children's Fiction: Phyllis J. Perry The Secrets of the Rock 

Middle Grade/YA Fiction: Claudia Mills Perfectly Chelsea

Genre Fiction: Stephanie Kane Seeds of Doubt


Literary/Mainstream: Chris Ransick A Return to Emptiness


Short Fiction: Lawrence Dunning "Rondo and Fugue for Two Pianos"


Children's Short Fiction: Phyllis J. Perry "Fribble Mouse Goes on a Library Treasure Hunt"


Specialty Writing: Carolyn Evans Campbell The Ballad of Hallelujah House

Children's Non-fiction: R. Gary Raham The Rovers Have Landed

YA Non-fiction: Sean McCollum Theodore Rossevelt: America's 26th President

General Non-Fiction: Carol Ekarius How to Build Animal Housing

Narrative Non-Fiction: Pamela McCreary Out of the Shadows


Feature Article: Nancy M. Peterson "Buffalo Bill's Lost Legacy"


Essay: Cameron M. Burns "Digging the Roots at the Highland Games"

Children's Fiction: Nancy Bentley The Case of the Garden Monster

YA Fiction: Claudia Mills Alex Ryan, Stop That!


Genre Fiction: Stephanie Kane Extreme Indifference

Adult Short Fiction: Elaine Long "Letters to the Stove"


General Non-fiction: Doris Kennedy Fun With the Family in Colorado

Narrative Non-fiction: Don Davis Dark Waters: An Insider's Account of the NR-1

Specialty Writing: Norma J. Livo Bringing Out Their Best


Single Poem: Kathryn Winograd "Air Into Breath"

Essay: Sereva Towler "Next Time, Lock the Gate"

Feature Article: Mary Kouri "Is The 'Informed Consumer' Any Healthier?"

Children's Fiction: Claudia Mills 7X9=Trouble

Middle Grade/YA Non-fiction: Joseph Nigg Book of Dragons and Other Mythological Beasts

Genre Fiction: Margaret Cole The Shadow Dancer

Adult Short Fiction: Elaine Long "The Violinist's Story"

General Non-fiction: Mary Taylor Young Land of Grass and Sky

Specialty Nonfiction: John Stansfield Writers Of The American West (A Guide for Grades 4-8)


Poetry: Carson Reed Selected Poems

Essay: Carol Mcadoo Rehme "Gethsemene"

Feature Article: Joey Porcelli & Nancy Switzer "Painting With Passionate Intensity"

Children's Non-Fiction: Phyllis J. Perry Animals Under the Ground

Middle Grade/YA Article: Nancy Bo Flood "Tree of Plenty: The Coconut Palm"

Children's Short Story: Nancy West "Here Comes the King"

Adult Short Fiction: Dawn Dunn "Pink Marble"

Adult Fiction: Edward Bryant The Baku

Specialty Writing: Joyce G. Gelhorn Living With a Turbulent Sun


Poetry: Joseph Hutchison "The Rain At Midnight"

Feature Article: Caatherine Bauer "Writing As A Path To Self"

Essay: Beverly Haley "All Too Suddenly 'Happily Ever After' Is Here"

Children's Short Fiction: Mary Bahr Fritts "The Broken Tree"

Children's Fiction: Linda Arms White Comes a Wind

YA Fiction: Lou Dean Reaching For the Reins


Adult Short Fiction: Edward Bryant "Mr. Twisted"


Specialty Writing: Joey Porcelli Historic Denver Annual Report

Adult Non-Fiction: Stephen J. May Maverick Heart

General Children's Non-fiction: Constance Hardesty Grow Your Own Pizza

Children's Non- Fiction, Art: Gary Raham The Dinosaur Mummy