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Vice President Programs


VP Programs is a member of the CAL Board of Directors and is responsible for conceiving and staging education, enrichment and marketing programs that benefit CAL members, and supporting other member programs as described herein.


  • Knowledge of authorship, publishing, marketing and social media essential.
  • Ability to originate ideas for programs essential.
  • Good organizational and presentation skills essential.
  • Familiarity with potential speakers and presenters very helpful.
  • Previous training experience beneficial but not required.

Detailed Responsibilities:

  • Attend Board meetings, usually nine per fiscal year (July-June), and report on previous and upcoming programs. Board meetings usually are not held in May (banquet), August and December (holiday party).
  • In communication with the President and working with members of the Programs Committee, when one exists, or the co-VP Programs, if one this position has been filled, organize programs, including:
  • Choose topics for both in-person and electronic member programs, endeavoring to provide a range of subjects that includes craft, marketing and promotion, publishing, and technology;
  • Schedule events in some or all of the following months: September, October, January, February, March and April, deciding which are in-person and which are electronic only, and establish registration fees for each;
  • Arrange speakers, assist them as requested with the production of handouts, and process payment of honoraria;
  • Secure event sites for in-person programs (including negotiating rents, signing use agreements, and obtaining insurance certificates from the CAL associate treasurer as needed and providing them to the site representative), endeavoring to locate programs in a geographically varied manner that affords convenience to CAL members in different areas of the metro at different times;
  • Coordinate use of electronic access system at in-person events, and ensure delivery of program to members attending electronically;
  • Monitor registrations on the CAL Web site and prepare a check-in sheet for the day of the program;
  • Purchase morning refreshments (coffee, pastries or bagels, fruit, etc.) and stage them at the event before participants arrive;
  • Moderate programs as necessary to ensure their success;
  • Coordinate electronic-only programs, including site, production and transmission; and
  • Provide information for promotion to CAL members and press releases to other organizations and the pubic.
  • Assist in the planning and operation of the annual CAL Co-Op Book Booth each November.
  • Assist in the planning and operation of CAL Book Beats at The Denver Press Club.

Time Requirements:

  • Board meetings are approximately two hours each.
  • Each program consumes at least five hours, sometimes more.
  • Planning programs and carrying out the related duties described above requires 1-2 days per program.
  • Co-Op Book Booth occurs during four days, including booth set-up, Thursday through Sunday.
  • Each CAL Book Beat involves four hours the night of the event, and 2-4 hours coordination time in between events.